steemit social media and income, get your profit here without capital

4년 전

If you are a blogger, vlogger, or you are actively engaged in social media and often post quality information this time I will inform you of additional profit opportunities about your internet and social media activities.

When you are active in your blog or vlog you can earn income from google adsense or other ads, if you post on social media like facebook, tweeter or any social media, you probably will not get your income from using social media to sell your product.

On this occasion I will introduce about the existence of steemit, which steemit itself tends to be part of the blockchain. The important thing and I have to practice, here steemit provides a kind of social media space which as a container to exchange information through posts and comments.

Broadly speaking profit will be obtained from steemit when you post a quality information in steemit and many who up-vote your post. The more people who up-vote you and the better the quality of your writing material, then most likely you easily get a profit on steemit. It does not need any capital at all, it tends to like your social media activities as usual.


Are you interested in joining?
How to join and withdraw your income system?

First of all is preparing a bitcoin wallet. If you already have a bitcoin wallet and already understand just skip this first step.

For those of you who are new to know bitcoin wallet, please register here for free at no charge

the function of this bitcoin wallet is to accommodate your income in steemit, and convert (convert) your income into rupiah.

Prepare your email address to register.

Secondly we need to join and register at

registration can be done for free, and it's good to use the same email address.

Its function is to convert our income from steemit in the form STEEM or STEEM DOLLAR converted into other virtual currency units that suport with our bitcoin wallet such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dashcoin

Bittrex this can be said as our intermediary wallet.

To withdraw our profit from steemit, we copied the STEEM memo from bittrex to withdraw our profit from steemit.


Then we do the registration at

We can register in steemit using our email address. After we do the arrangement in steemit, we can wait for notice from steemit in our email inbox.

read carefully on the email we get from steemit, because in the email we are given a password by steemit very long and hard to memorize. It's good we photographed the given password or we cpoy it to note / word and we save it well not to be lost. The password we use to login our account in steemit



Your work is just like your other social media activities, such as pemposting inscriptions and vidio. You can post, comment, and like.

Your income depends on how many people like or up-vote your posts.

So the self make a quality and original posts to get the attraction of people who see your post.

So this information I submit, may be useful and you get success.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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