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If you are interested in BITCOIN I have some to sell and can send to your wallet in minutes.

It will not be at 4 digits much longer.

I have amounts in $50-$1000 available (larger amounts please inquire).

There is a big bounce coming soon.

The above referral link will give $5 in Bitcoin to a new member enrollment. I can also send BTC with Paypal, Fiat or other transactions.

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Good when I find myself in to read these types of content through Bitcoin, congratulations I will continue to follow you to continue reading good post.


Thanks man! I appreciate the follow. If you want to discuss BTC let me know.

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The coin calls your name
A profitable increase
Bitcoin is your friend

It does what it wants
The bitcoin is like the wind
It russles the trees

The coin is wary
It moves silently along
It has no master


The coin is wary
It moves silently along
It has no master

                 - naltedtirt

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Finally you show up. It took me 3 tries but you finally made it. Thank you!! Always a pleasure to see you my friend.


I am naltedtirt I detect Haiku bots.