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I was reading through bitcoin articles today (one of my obsessions of late) and came across an article.

The article is about "Virgin Bitcoin".

Apparently some investors are willing to pay as much as 20% plus market price on Bitcoin that is freshly mined to ensure that said investor is the first to caress the "Virgin Bitcoin" curves.

The idea is that some investors would rather feel the thrill of being the first gentleman (or lady) to be with with the newly mined bitcoin.

This is to prevent a government from siezing the bitcoin (or parts thereof) if it has been tainted, at some point with illegal activity.


I spoke with a fellow Steemian today that lives in a very restrictive country regarding Bitcoin. I was told that "banks are seizing people's bank accounts for no reason".

This behaviour is the trend where governments are trying to stifle crypto activity out of fear. This falls under:
“ First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” . Mahatma Gandhi.

I have been contracting some bitcoin mining this last couple of weeks. So far I have aquired approximately $50 in Virgin, sweet and soft, untouched before, innocent bitcoin. My contracts are still mining more.

If anyone is interested in "Virgin" Bitcoin, I have some to sell.

If anyone has experienced Bitcoin to trade or purchase I am looking for that as well and can accomodate.

If anyone has any simple and legal task available...I am happy to "work for bitcoin".

I happen to have a bitcoin goal I am trying to achieve.

If you have Bitcoin dust to sell or donate....I am interested.

This simple and straightforward blog has been the first I have published in quite a few weeks.

It feels good.
I may get back into posting.
Feel free to comment and vote.

It doesnt take much encouragement. I require very little.

My friends, I miss you.


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Quite interesting piece, I had no idea about this “virgin” premium.
Unfortunately I do not have enough cash to buy one from you. 😉

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Bitcoin is divisible so if you are interested you can purchase in quantities as low as $1. 😊

All the Bitcoin that I own is purely Virgin as I mined them all. Hehe

Might sell them for Premium. Hehe

That being said Bitcoin is not like Cash that has a layer of Traceable Cocaine in them so it shouldn't matter if they are Freshly Mined(Virgin) or not. Government has no say on the Mined Bitcoins at all.

“ First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” . Mahatma Gandhi.

Just like they do with everything else they don't want us know. I just don't understand getting a fresh digital/non tangible How can you prove that other than time code. Then what? Ya look like a bunch of grown adults with line leader envy. lololol


Exactly! Is not as if someone could sell as "freshly mined" then later the coins go sour because they were passed the expiration date.

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I send some Steem to Binance each week to convert into Bitcoin or other crypto. Not much but just a steady little stream, it is an easy way to do it as it is pretty low on fees (less than 0.1% if you are the maker, 0.2% if you are taker). And then onwards after it is worth taking off exchange...


Awesome!! Keep up the good work.
If you ever have any extra....I will purchase.

Thanks so much for the comment. It means a lot.

He wanted Bitcoin
He wanted the freshest kind
Untouched and Virgin

I also read about the innocent BTC (I call them Satoshis Virgin) lol. I think it's pretty interesting concept and gosh as transactions keep flying there will be very few of it left if they are paying a 20% premium now it could be worth way more in the future. Best to HODL it then

Also, I don't see how they could seize your BTC should it be tainted if it's not on an exchange if it's in your hot or cold wallet with your keys it's probably the safest money you can have right now.

Banks were never here to serve us, they were here to serve themselves and the state


Well written my friend.

aww so fab to see you back :D!! aww missed you too sweetness ;)

untouched before, innocent bitcoin.

LOL slamming coment ;)
In my case, i see no diffrence betwin virgen or not...
I hope someone will parter up with you or give/sell them cute shiney coins THAT no one ever knew was there ;) LOL
I second Gandhi !!!


Thank you darlin.

Virgin or not makes no difference. I agree with you.

Who has ever actually "touched the Bit"?

I just realized all the jokes running through my head are best left untyped :D

Great to see you posting again :D

Hope you do it some more.


Please share the jokes! If i can provoke a joke i am encouraged all the more.

Please do not hold back.


Seriously, your joke means the World to me. Joke away and do not be restrained or embarrassed.


Are you not going to share????

Hey dude! How ya been?


Hey man what's up?

Virgin bitcoin....

Is this bitcoin suitable for sacrifice and to be used as the main heroine in a horror movie?



I would say a few Satoshi would probably appease the volcano. A whole BTC might be overkill.🌋

I had forgotten how much fun this is.

Interesting read. Makes sense though. I want 72 of them please 🤣

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Lol! As if the US $100 bill hasn't been involved in nefarious trade activities, it's been said that one out of four $100 banknotes in circulation has traces of cocaine on it. Btw, I have 0.011 BTC. Welcome back.

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The US fiat is involved in 1,000,000 % more graft, strippers, crime, counterfeiting, drugs than the humble bitcoin ever did partake in.


Are you interested in selling your .011 or acquiring more fair Pirate Maiden?

I have missed you. Thanks for stopping by.


I'm hanging on to it for now along with my prized Satoshi poker chip as part of my long termed off grid portfolio.

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Send me your btc wallet address on discord and I will enhance you stake.


Hold that thought. Been trying to update my BTC wallet, might be faster installing a new wallet.

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Operators are standing by.

Followed your interesting account after you were mentioned by @summertooth in a challenge.
I hope you do start posting again. Cheers!


Thank you so much. I appreciate you encouragement.

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