Earn Universal Basic Income (UBI) by using TREOS Ecosystem


TREOS is a global Ecosystem consisting of an Economy and a Marketplace. From the TREOS analysis document on www.TREOS.com ,

3.5.3. Universal Basic Income
With current technological unemployment brought on by automation, it becomes a necessity of the new economy to decouple the concepts of work and wages – or more
specifically, the need to sell your time and energy to a centralised authority who allows you to live. With over two billion of the world’s people living on less than $2 a day, and
limited opportunities for the unbanked and those on the other side of the great technological divide, TREOS accepts that a necessary part of establishing a new economy
for the people, by the people, involves providing a UBI by means of technology, removed from the welfare model and instead creating a share in the outcome for all contributors in
a free market. Decentralised money is there to serve people, and not the other way around, in a new economy built on acceptance of one’s intrinsic human value. Within the
liberty of a fresh economy, smart contract distributed UBI might help people adjust from spending a lifetime of energy proving their worth within a blind system of sentinels that act
as intermediaries.
Instead of the inflation benefits from currencies being absorbed, manipulated or controlled by banks or governments, TREOS cuts out those intermediaries and trusts the
community to govern their own savings plans, transactions and growth of wealth. Using modified inflation algorithms, TREOS shares inflation benefits with all qualified contributing
members of the TREOS ecosystem every 72 hour period. This UBI comes without prejudice, including special safeguards to benefit those who are often economically and
socially excluded. Therefore the TREOS platform and ecosystem gives opportunity and assurance to those who are often forgotten or marginalised in the current economy. If the
economy grows, so should our ecosystem.

One can qualify for a UBI buy interacting with the ecosystem in the following ways :

  1. Buying and selling items on the marketplace at www.TREOS.io
  2. Fulfilling a wishlist
  3. Partaking in their affiliate and reward programs
  4. Partaking in their bounty programs.

This is a chance for most people to get the word out there, use their referral links to invite others and earn points which is accumulated and paid in crypto. Ten points equals 1 TRO which is anchored to 1g of gold (currently $48.92) . This is a huge opportunity guys.
The Marketplace is at www.TREOS.io & the main website is at www.TREOS.com

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