BTC/USDT Technical analysis 2018-03-30.

3년 전

  • Bullish divergence setup
  • Double bottom
  • Q1 over
  • Bearish volume starting to look exhausted.

    This is the beginning of the trend change I believe and April will be a good month of recovery.
    Watch bitcoin to lead the market.

Live chart here

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Judging by the fact that we appear to be repeating the fractal of the crash to 5800, we probably have one more leg down - potentially a long one. We had a bullish divergence there too, which didn't stop it from dropping another 2000 points.


Everyone and there grandma wants 5800, which is why I think it'll be unlikely. If support here doesnt hold then everyone will get what they want. How ever I think 6800-7000 is a good entry until then.

think you were right making this prediction...good job..;didn t see it coming...

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Looks like another depression low is about to come weak hands will sell all the btc

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Every market cycle has a period of consolidation and accumulation for whales. All you bulls have been predicting recovery since February. It's not going to happen like that. Bitcoin is real. Bitcoin is big. It's recovery will mark a huge shift in global finance this time around. This is a big set up; watch trade wars, stock market correction to know when the real shift of assets into bitcoin will begin. Bitcoin isn't a bubble, but it is out of the bubble

great work by @natra
1000% agreed