Techinical Analysis Update NEO - 8/18/17

4년 전

Watch chart live here

Besides the obvious head and shoulder most indicators are predicting that neo is still correcting, on the 2HR chart we see neo is close to the 200 EMA line which could be a bottom that is also supported by the uptrend line.

I am waiting to buy anywhere below 0.0080 or the wait for the bounce on the uptrend line to confirm.

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im gonna get some neo

  ·  4년 전

Upvoted. I'm going to resteem this now :]

I have 4 neo hope to fast grow

I am absolutely agree with you! NEO was a bubble. And now it's going to drop the marketcap and will show his real face soon, probably stay at 35-42 USD level. Nice analysis as ways! Really appreciate your effort and thanks for sharing this with us!

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even though neo with some kind of bubble , many got amazing profits. and i thoughts market investors do some dumping and pumping with Neo . let's hope for the price correction and see what is going on there

Hello again. It's good to have you back with your analyses (after a break in July?) Uptrend line is still holding beautifully, although I have a wish to experience a short downwards spike to $20+ prices. Either way it's okay!

Ive been watching like a hawk for a backtest of the neckline!

Thank you. I own a little neo and that was helpful

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Thanks to your posts sharing! (Bitcoin)
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Thanks for update

@natra - Sire, I like your analysis. I wish to resteem this post too :)

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