How I got a BJ for 50$ worth of bictoin in Cambodia and got my nickname, "notimecrypto"!

4년 전

That happened a couple of weeks ago while I was traveling in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.
All the bar girls there spend hours everyday on their smartphone, but none of them had heard about Bitcoin.

I set myself a goal: succeeding in getting a BJ in exchange for a bitcoin payment!
(I have to specify that I am a native French speaker and the word "bit" in English sounds exactly like the word "bite" in French, which means "d*ck". )

After many unsuccessful attempts trying to explain the advantages of cryptos to the girls, I had to accept to pay a premium in order to get that BJ for 50$ worth of bitcoin!

It was the best BJ of my life!
Thank you Satoshi, I'll never forget it! I owe it to you!

The transaction took a little while to get confirmed but everything went great!

The day after, just a couple of hours before leaving the city, I went back to the same bar, found the girl, and told her: "I have no time, but I pay with bitcoin, ok? She gladly accepted my Satoshis.

It was one of my buddies who coined the nickname "notimecrypto", I guess it sounds better than "notimebitcoin".

It was more than just a BJ, I do think that bitcoin can buy what money can't, it can buy love!
Remember to spend your bitcoins from time to time not just hold them, it will bring you joy beyond measure!

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ive been there did you visit like killing fields or s21? 👍 keep it up my bro.....


Hey lovedenkillenja thanks for the comment!
Sure I did, all kind of visits!