BTC/ETH entry points?

4년 전

I'm looking to add to my ETH position on a pull back, I'm looking long term but still want to buy on a dip while not missing the big move up...lots of debate about whether BTC will retest the lows...I'm not sure it will, I'm looking to buy more below 7500 (or ETH below $700 range) but it hasn't done so since the big crash....not sure if there will be another dive in the next couple weeks, more time goes by I think less likely the lows will be tested.

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Timing the market is impossible for even expert traders. One strategy is to dollar cost average into positions which means by in portions as the market moves. So instead of putting 100% of your money in one day, divide it into 5-10 % and buy every 2-3 days or as the market moves. The important decision is to believe in your long-term investment hypothesis and execute based on that, nothing different.

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