Bitcoin Analysis | 19 June 2020 | Price is Ranging

5개월 전


Bitcoin is hovering around for more than a week now, In a tight range without a huge mover or percentage change.

We have seen some weakness in term of price momentum, that what indicate the RIS stochastics as well, as it starts dipping below the 25% which indicate that we might enter the oversold area, therefore more consolidation before it reverses the trend.


For the day we can say that Currently Bitcoin it's trading in a range between 9220 and 9562.
For the moment the general trend in Bearish on Bitcoin unless we see another move that contradicts our hypotheses.

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This is not a financial advice, you are responsible for your own trades. We do provide technical analysis for the current market situation and it's a prediction for the currency price, we might have the wrong assumptions in some cases.

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