Memo, a decentralized social media network on Bitcoin blockchain

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Memo is a decentralized micro-blogging network on Bitcoin blockchain that rewards users with Bitcoin Cash. It's still in Beta and the developers are still making small changes and adding more features. An Android app is already available.

Another sister chain works on BSV.

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I'm not sure how useful these micro blogging dapps are. Zappl used to run on steem... The problem is when you look at the posts on the main blogging site (in steem's case Steemit or busy or whatever) the posts look thin, and if you post a lot (several times an hour like you would with twitter) you run the risk of being accused of trying to "rape the reward pool"

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I think the main problem of Steem is new users leaving the network after a couple of days. It's very complicated for the average user. I had to read 100 articles just to learn the basics. Also they come with the impression that they will make easy money. And some of the old Steem marketing is to blame for that. Finally, it's the quality of content and user experience. The engagement feels fake. Most of the posts are about Steem or cryptocurrencies. And the boring photos of course. And they don't change the way posts appear on the home page. You see the same people who promote their posts. Minnows feel like they don't have a chance. And the whales instead of proposing solutions, are fighting each other in a crazy drama.

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Yes, I agree. Steem is not an easy place to get into. It is easier if you are part of a community first. But I think that applies to most social networks. The dapps might make that easier... or not. The money thing is a side issue I think (but you are right, that has been promoted unfairly. Less so since the fall in the crypto market, maybe). Until recently I have been lucky to get more than 50cents a post. You have to be here because you want to, and the only way that happens is if you find a group of people to interact with. For me it was the freewrite group. As for the whales, I ignore them.

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