2019 : How to Earn steem as dividend that payout Daily, be part of the casino

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New way to revenue share with the house on the profit generated. In order to get the daily profit sharing with the house, you need to have magic token holdings.

As the saying goes, "The house always win !" since they have the house edge. How awesome it would be if you can be the house ? Introducing Magic Dice , a simple dice roll site which you can earn magic token every time you bet. https://magic-dice.com

How to earn magic token ?

  1. Every 1 steem bet, whether you win or lose, you earn 25 magic token.
  2. You can delegate and current at 1 for 1 : 100 SP delegate for 100 magic token daily

What's the estimated dividend payout ?

Check out the google spreadsheet on the daily payout base on 10,000 magic token : 0.044 steem (10 Feb 2019)
Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 10.00.03 pm.png

Buy in 'Strategy' for Magic Token : Remember the house always have the advantage long term because of the house edge. So treat the losses as cost to buy the magic token.

  1. bet with minimum amount : 1 steem
  2. set probability to 95% win either under or over
  3. keep rolling to earn the magic token
    Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 10.03.27 pm.png

At current distribution rate of 25 MT per 1 steem bet, you need to bet 400 times to get 10,000 MT.
Depending on your luck, it will cost you X amount of steem for 10,000 MT (note individual results varies)

Here's my current magic token holdings daily payout in steem and sbd, on average it doing about 1.669 steem.
Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 9.54.10 pm.png

Be part of the house ! Start and earn magic token for daily dividends payout.

Bonus #1

When you played at least once per day, you stand a chance to get a big upvote from magic diceaccount. I got a pretty nice upvote for $7.16
Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 9.28.58 pm.jpg

Bonus #2

Sign up here https://magic-dice.com within the next 3 days and play at least 10 game. Pm me on discord to get one daily 5% auto upvote on your post.

Bonus #3

Pm me on discord and learn how to automate the betting process.

Bonus #4

Pm me on discord to get (FREE for first 10 users, thereafter 5 steem )tracking template and simple way to record the cost to buy magic token and earnings from dividend to calculate your profitability.

Bonus #5

google spreadsheet estimated div payout
Discord : https://discord.me/share2steem

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This is the first Ive seen that you get 0.044 steem per 10,000 magic rougly. I know the dividend varies from day to day, but its nice to know at least an estimate. Also, that they give a nice upvote for playing. Ive seen some people with upvotes, but werent sure how they were getting them.

Posted using Partiko Android


yeah i thought it would to good to know a rough estimate especially for ppl whom wanna try thus that spreadsheet.

waiting for them to be up again

Posted using Partiko Android

I also got the upvote. Was a really pleasantly surprise.
The site is behaving icky these days, hope that they will solve it soon!



nice on the upvote ;) same here.

yeah just gonna wait it out.

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I tried to sign up using your link but it seems like the site is not working... :(

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thanks man. their site currently not working well. try again when they r up

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Interesting concept. If you are lucky you could have some fun and hopefully win money and gain manic that pays dividends. I may have to give it s shot to see if it can turn into additional votes and s passive income stream!

Posted using Partiko iOS


yeah go try when they r up(their site isn't working properly for now) u might get lucky for their upvote. as for 'mining' the token it get boring after awhile thus automation would be good, with a stop even better.

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