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Recently, much attention is given in cryptosuite security issues. The blockchain ecosystem is under constant attack by hackers. 2017 was stolen about $ 1.2 billion. Wallets cracked malware the keyloggers is captured in the clipboard to steal secret keys and change the destination address. These losses absolutely no return because no one to claim. BlockSafe the company has developed products that fully protect the ecosystem, blockchain, wallets, exchanges from hackers.


Why choose a company BlockSafe to protect their interests:
1 the Company offers a full range to protect and the problem of hacker attacks using patented and proven technology.
2 the Company already has two products ready for sale and use, this Crypto Exchange Defender and Defender. The third product is under development. In total the company's products have 10 patents, 6 of them have already been issued and 4 pending.
3 the constant growth of the cryptocurrency market. Experts believe the growth of this market from 24 million today to 200 million in 2025.
4 In your team has experienced veterans. Some of them have companies in the technology industries
5 The company's products is licensed from StrikeForce. Technology has come a long seventeen-year journey in the industry of cyber security.
6 the advisors of the company present famous people.
One of them, former IT Director of Homeland security and founder of Security University.
7 Token BSAFE™ is a security token standard ERC20, which corresponds to SEC rules.
8 Token BSAFE™ provides passive income in the amount of 10% of the revenue of the use of its products.
9 the Company has an agreement listing the token on the well-known cryptocurrency exchanges.


Now consider what functionality has the company's products BlockSafe.
Crypto defender desktop Defender Crypto has the following features:
1 Encryption of the keystrokes. Prevents introduction of malware spyware. Now the introduction of the password, the secret key will be encrypted with algorithms of high security level.
2 Protection against copying to the clipboard. Prevents introduction of malware to monitor the clipboard. This prevents any change of address when you send cryptocurrency transactions.
3 Anti-screen capture. Prevents covert screen capture for malicious screenshot.
4 Anti-Clickjacking. This is a favorite technique of hackers, with the help of clicks on certain links to load malicious software.


The company is not bypassed and the mobile device. There also present safe keyboard. There is a secure browser that prevents storage of cookies and other malicious codes. Encrypted storage of passwords and keys. Storage access may be done through fingerprints. Generator strong passwords. It creates strong passwords based on user settings, and then stores them in the password vault for future use. Stock Exchange protector or Defender. Most cryptocurrency exchanges have hot and cold wallets to store cryptocurrency. The wallets hold the private keys of the user and secret keys exchange. Most keys are stored offline in cold wallets. But some of the keys to facilitate the transactions, is stored on servers connected to the Internet, the so-called hot storage. Usually these servers are exposed to hacker attacks. Exchange Defender consists of two products to protect the internal systems of crypto currency exchange. The first is already known to us it's Crypto Defender. The second one is called ProtectID. ProtectID provides access to internal systems using two-out-of-band authentication.


To learn more about the project BlockSafe I recommend to visit the links left in the description. There in the pages of the website you will find a detailed description of the whitepaper, roadmap, team and other helpful information. In conclusion, I would like to say that the company BlockSafe makes a breakthrough in the field of security and information protection. Services will reliably protect users of the ecosystem. The company has demanded the idea, professionally-selected team, good analytical reviews of sites and will certainly bring profits to its investors in the near future.

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