6 Million users on Binance now!

4년 전


6 Reason why you should transfer some of your portfolio to Binance exchange:

  • Binance has a exchange fee of 0.1%(0.05% if you use BNB for fees). Compared to bittrex which has a fee of 0.25%.

  • Smoother UI, and mobile app available.

  • All functions and tools is more completed compare to bittrex (include stoploss)

  • Multiple language supported beside English (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French, German)

  • Lower the risk for trader if anything happen to the exchange. You wont lose all.

  • Multiple programs for user to participate. Pretty clear on any matter such as if they accept Fork coin.

If you do not have a Binance account:

Feel free to use my referral:


Happy trading!

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BNB still a great buy!


We just need a solution for crypto dust... maybe one click conversion to BNB... otherwise love it.


Agreed. last qtr they spent 40mm to burn coins.

Binance is a virtual wallet?


great, thanks for the valuable information

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Binance is a great platform! I'm glad I got on before they had to stop accepting users.. Although I am starting to move to decentralised exchanges!

Congratulations for Binance :). Thanks for sharing these advantages @palani. Greetings.

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