[BOUNTY] EARN 150 YUPS for Completing Survey

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Dear sharp-eyed viewers,

My name is Veronika Vřešťálová and I’m the person behind the illustrations you’ve been seeing on Crowdholding platform and our blog. I’m responsible for both UI and illustrations on Crowdholding so that in a way we’ve been in close touch already!

Your opinion matters to me and today I’d like to learn about how my illustrations make you feel and how much do you like them. We prepared a brief survey for you to fill in, it should take about 5 to 10 minutes.

I hope you’ll enjoy the task and please feel free to open up about your honest view of the illustrations, so I can make them better for you.



(Crowdholding lead designer)

Each valid submission will receive 150 YUP
Remember to leave a comment in order to be eligible for the reward

To participate :-

  1. Sign into Crowdholding by clicking here - http://bit.ly/2TYezoF

  2. Complete the survey on the page above

  3. Once the task has expired, tokens will be added to your Crowdholding profile. No need for spreadsheets!

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