Bitcoin BTC - Feb 1 In-Depth Fundamental and Technical Analysis

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We find Support at 9K - For Now.
Let's Consider Fundamental and Technical Analysis
Long Term Bias (6+ months) - Bullish
Medium Term Bias (Days to Feb 16) - Bearish
Short Term Bias (Today) - Neutral to Bullish
Long Term Target Prediction - $30,000+ by 2019

We first look at BTC long vs BTC shorts and notice BTC longs are up by 3,000 BTC more than shorts. BTC short positions have been closed around 9K ranges and a short term rally is occuring for this possible bounce.

These are my key levels of support with two different levels, and a key resistance.

I sit on the sidelines while waiting to accumulate my specific altcoins. Though I will point out a possible play for the risk takers and extremely short term traders capitalizing on volatility.

Here is the bullish scenario, entering on confirmation above $9,250, targeting between $9,750 and $10,000 with an R:R = 1.52:1 assuming stop loss at $8,800

Here is the bearish scenario, entering on confirmation on downtrend below $8,800, targetting between $7,915- $8,425, with an R:R of 2.88:1, assuming a stop loss at $9,000


Always be cautious, take high probability trades, plan entries and exits, stick to high reward low risk R:R setups. Good luck traders

Please consider these videos:

Lesson 1 - Bitfinex Tutorial - How to Customize and Set Up Bitfinex
Lesson 2 - How to Analyze Candlesticks Charts with Strategy
Lesson 3 - Moving Averages
Lesson 4 - Relative Strength Index RSI with Advanced Strategy
Lesson 5 - MACD and Histogram
Lesson 6 - Margin Trading Long, Short, Leveraging
Lesson 7 - Basic Risk Management
Lesson 8 - Fibonacci Retracement Part 1
Lesson 9 - Fibonacci Extension Part 2
Lesson 10 - Laddering
Lesson 11 - How To Interpret Time Frames
Lesson 12 - Swing Trading Advanced 55 EMA Strategy
Lesson 13 - Introduction To Elliot Wave Theory
Lesson 14 - Using a Basic Excel Tracker for Risk Management
Lesson 15 - Tutorial Part 15 Automatic Stop Sell/Buy Executions

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Luna's personal bitfinex account:

BTC address: 1PruhmsYXU2gPkNw574xZSMyBG4YW5Wnq9
Ethereum: 0x2538b728f9682fc1dc2e7db8129730f661753850
Bitcoin Cash: 1AY2FPANCe5URB71Nvy6tkCgoTS8iHgmZD

The ultimate goal is to help the crypto community because I think there's a lack of these type of videos. I want to share everything I've learned because knowledge is only power if passed on. These are educational videos intended to teach how to think through thought-out rationalization.


Legal stuff here. I'm not financial advisor. This is just my opinion that I'm sharing with the community. All information is for yours to process how you wish.

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Thank you (:

How I feel after about @philakonecrypto after I watch his videos:

I like when you talk about the psychology and philosophy of trading. Thanks brotha!


I agree. The psychology of this is very interesting. I think you can really come up for good arguments for why just based on basic human behavior. It's a HUGE piece of this.

Please keep having my back!

the better, sexier version of haejin. What up my dude.

I've got the heart of the underdog, so i much prefer your channel.

go @philakonecrypto !


appreciate the kinds words kev lol


keep it up bro!

I’m inspired.


Thank you very much hefziba for the kind words and referral! I owe you a lunch one day and in your debt. Always enjoy seeing your comments and especially your blog.


If you ever can get yourself to leave the computer screens ( take a laptop and travel the world a bit, while trading). I’ll show you Amsterdam and you can treat me to lunch. Sounds like a great deal!

following your foot steps Master :D

Great always. Really appreciate you.


thanks man! hope it gives tons of insight

You make it easier to understand for a complete newb like me. Thank you. Also, you're funny.

Thanks for the update!

Great service as usual ;D

Thanx a lot ! I really appreciate your input, you turn trading crypto into magic !

One of your best videos by far. Appreciate the scope of your analysis. Really great to see you thriving in this bear market. Gives me hope for improving my short game. I've been testing the waters shorting and so far I've made all the right calls but set my stoploss too close. Only lost a few bucks, playing with chump change until I get a full grasp of it.

You're the man, phil! Come to Vancouver, my crypto group will show you a good time ;)

Thank you. Excited!!!!🤗

Hi, Phil, thanx for the great video again.
I'm in such a bad situation rite now bc of the Coincheck issue too not just the bear market. They've frozen everybody's accounts and I can't send nor withdraw my coins or do nothing.It's so frustrating that my coins are held hostage bc now is the time I wanna buy more coins on the dips rite.
We just had big snow here in Tokyo too.
Everything cold&down but my spirits are high bc I kno that at the end of the year, it'll b all gains!
I've made alotta mistakes like buy at highs, fomo buy, but one thing I neva did nor will do is panic sell. Patience&hodl is my motto.
U always encourage me to keep
calm thanku.

Great video, thank you man!

this is the time to buy not when everything is is double the price. NEO was 40us at Christmas now it is 127 in a very bear market. ETH was 900 now is 1k the only thing way down is Bitcoin; even nasty XRP is at .99 and it was 0.22 the first weak of December . The other day I listen to someone telling me to stay away I got mad because I missed on a opportunity I studied simply because I respect you knowledge but you can tell who is who when you advice to stay away from this video game. SOrry but I had to say it

Showing both sides like it should be. Great stuff!

As always, I learn a lot from your videos! Glad to have you in crypto community and keep up the good work!

Great update!
Much appreciated!

Thank you so much! I absolutely love your positive attitude and you're a great character. You make my day brighter.

  ·  3년 전

I always wait for your input before taking any action. I can always rely on your level headed analysis, so thank you.

I watched your analysis earlier today on Youtube and have been watching you daily for a few weeks. Appreciate your analysis and commentary. I'm a newbie it's hard to know whats what. I'm enjoying your perspective. Thank you!

Great work!

BTC is awake, will 8800 trend line hold her down?