Great ways to earn Bitcoin

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Gift card exchanges

Have you got a lot of gift cards lying around that are of no use to you? You can exchange them for bitcoin.If you’re in the United States or Canada, you can make use of There’s also where you can sell gift cards. There’s even a subreddit called r/giftcardexchange, where you can get offers for gift cards as well. This is better if you’re outside the US – because a lot of those bitcoin for giftcard websites will only trade with those in the US or at most the North American continent (including Canada), generally.You just need to make sure you can find a trustworthy trader. 80% of the value is what you’ll be offered most of the time depending on which store gift card you have, maybe 85% – 90% on lower value cards.

Jobs for bitcoin

There’s a subreddit called Jobs4bitcoins (r/jobs4bitcoins) where you can do jobs and be paid with bitcoin. It mainly caters to programmers and graphic designers from what I can tell.There’s also r/slavelabour. The payout is usually less than what is offered on r/jobs4bitcoins, but then the jobs are smaller, often just paying people for finding information online, or other “quickies”.Don’t expect the pay to be very high, but you can make a bit in these places. Also check out r/bitcoin and r/cryptocurrency for the odd opportunity.Some people will pay you straight into your bitcoin wallet, or if you prefer, you could opt to use ChangeTip.ChangeTip is good because it does grant you some extra privacy in not having to disclose your bitcoin wallet address to the employer or person paying you, and ChangeTip transactions are referred to as being “off the blockchain”, meaning that you won’t pay any transaction fees for tipping people, or for withdrawing to an external bitcoin wallet.There are other subreddits and websites that allow people to pay with and accept bitcoin as a form of payment for goods and services. Bitcointalk, a cryptocurrency forum, is one of these places and r/bitmarket is another.There are bigger job boards out there like Bitlancer, XBTFreelancer, Coinality, and Bitgigs.You could even start your own website and provide a service of sorts and allow people to pay you in bitcoin. BitPay can help you here as they will provide invoices and offer other services for your startup business, making things easier for you.

Sell your used goods for bitcoin

You can create listings on some of the aforementioned places like r/bitmarket or bitcointalk and sell your second hand goods, or you could even try and sell items on more mainstream places like craigslist and ask for bitcoin as payment. First check that the website where you're going to list your items actually allows this.

Bitcoin faucets

How these work is you link your bitcoin wallet address to the website, and then every time you visit the website, you get free bitcoin! Some faucets will pay you automatically without you having to even visit the website.Faucets are considered to be a slow way of earning bitcoin though, but if you sign up with enough of them, and only go with the high paying ones, you might be able to make something.

Bitcoin rewards

This idea is similar to Bing rewards, Qmee, or Swagbucks, except instead of being paid in gift cards, you can earn bitcoin by using a website for doing searches, etc.Check out, which allows you to do surveys and other tasks and get paid in bitcoin, which will get paid into your bitcoin wallet.Websites like tremorgames and stuffpoints operate in much the same way. You can be rewards by downloading apps, doing surveys, playing games, etc. The only difference here is that you aren’t paid with bitcoin. You earn points which can then be exchanged for bitcoin.

Bitcoin rebates

You can get bitcoin for shopping at a participating store. Sign up at by linking your bitcoin wallet address and then click through on the store you want to buy from. Then buy the item and wait for you rebate to come, which will then be sent to your bitcoin wallet.Just make sure to not use adblocking software or private windows in your browser when doing this. Cookies should also be allowed, because you want your purchase to be tracked, otherwise you won’t get your bitcoin rebate.First time rebates are also eligible for a bonus as long as they are members of’s sisters website,

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Bitcoin giveaways

Occasionally you’ll come across a bitcoin giveaway.A good place to looks for these is on reddit, although other websites can host bitcoin giveaways. Sometimes it might be something simple, like posting a comment in order to receive some BTC, or with the bigger giveaways, entries might involve something like following Facebook or Twitters accounts.

Referral programs

Cardforcoin has a referral program where even if you don’t exchange a gift card for bitcoin yourself, you can enter in an email address or wallet address and receive a referral link. Then when anyone ends up on the website after clicking through on a link with your referral code in it, if they exchange a gift card, you will get a small commission off of that sale deposited into your bitcoin wallet.Coinbase also has a referral program, where if you get someone to join up and they buy $100 BTC through coinbase’s exchange, then you can earn $25 in BTC – and this is per person referred.

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