Interview with PTEx, The most critical foundation of exchange


That phrase, uttered by Peter Thiel, a silicon valley guru, in a Stanford course on entrepreneurship, was the mantra of tech entrepreneurs, who believed that giants would always be disrupted and that others would follow. Like today's digital currency exchange wars. According to the media reports, at present, hundreds of exchanges are included by the statistical platform CoinMarketCap, and thousands of them are not included. Even in this case, the players are still happy. Everyone in this industry want to operate exchanges, does the world needs so many exchanges? The common sense of economics tells us that even if the exchange industry makes huge profits, the influx of competitors will reduce the profits. The long tail platform is even more difficult to sustain due to the lack of network effect, but new exchanges are still emerging.

In the Internet era as well as blockchain era, traffic owners are the king. In the era of blockchain, exchanges, as the carriers of digital assets, are on the top of the food-chain. From mining, issuing platform tokens, IEO and derivatives trading, exchanges have never been short of hot spots. But with the increasing of number of exchanges, exchange head monopoly on traffic market pattern has been formed. In the current bear market environment, there are fewer and fewer users of cryptocurrency trading, and the growth of incremental users has weakened. The situation of "more monks and less porridge" has further intensified, and the emerging second- and third-tier exchanges urgently need to explore new traffic channels and open their own traffic channels.

Although the main traffic at this stage is still concentrated in the hands of head exchanges, if head exchanges want to consolidate their positions, they must actively develop industrial layout, improve the ecosystem, and use existing resources and influence to further expand market share. Constantly innovate, optimize and upgrade in user experience, product development, community atmosphere, brand endorsement, etc., or they will eventually be eliminated; Similarly, the best way for second - and third-tier exchanges to break out the encircle is to start from these aspects. Under the premise of legality, compliance, efficiency and professionalism, they should actively explore innovative models and cultivate new trading growth points. Only by serving customers well and focusing on users' needs can they attract users and absorb more traffic. So what is PTEx going to do as a new generation exchange?

Prapaporn, the founder of PTEx said:
"To build high-quality traffic, we need to start from the following aspects: safe and stable product experience, online and offline activities, high-quality service and consensus."

Safe and stable product experience

PTEx believes that the most important thing for an exchange is security and stability. To achieve smooth and healthy development of the platform, it must first have its own professional and efficient technical and product team to support it. Those exchanges that use the exchange cloud platform services will inevitably be eliminated in the wave of development. Only own an efficient team can ensure the rapid and stable processing of high concurrent transactions. The trading platform must improve the system efficiency and fault tolerance capacity from the bottom, so as to ensure the users' capital security.

Linking online and offline activities

PTEx focuses on southeast Asian and European markets and attaches great importance to brand marketing and promotion in local markets. PTEx has rich resources and experience in both offline activities and online operations. In addition, PTEx has grown rapidly and steadily by organizing community meetings locally, working with the regional head community, and promoting online events. At the same time, the founder Prapaporn revealed that PTEx will soon launch a new user feedback activity, please look forward to it.

Quality service and consensus

In the market full of various exchanges, trading platforms need to gain more trust from users to stand out. Both the platform's token withdrawal speed and 24-hour online service customer service are the most basic supports of the platform. PTEx exchange has achieved the automatic review mechanism of withdrawing tokens when the platform was launched, and the customer service staff has guaranteed 24-hour timely response whether online or on the work order.

Today, with the rapid development of blockchain technology, if you want to invest in digital currencies to achieve wealth growth, a secure, reliable, and experienced exchange is also indispensable. I believe that PTEx will not let everyone down.

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