Cryptocurrency Hshare : HSR

2년 전

Hshare :-

As Since it takes time to implement the H-cash code and feature development, just after the end of the ICO all investors will get H-share which is based on current mature UTXO blockchain as token first. After the H-cash main line is on the way, you can redeem any of H-share exchange or H-cash official team with H-cash on any on-line H-share exchange. After about 10 months to complete all the acceptance and replacement. The H-cash team will use technical means to destroy all H-share. All the H-share will be permanently destroyed after the deadline. H-share's open source code Under H-cash's GitHub page, everyone can do read and review the source code for H-share and confirm that the total number of the Hshare releases is the same as the H-cash number specified in the H-cash white paper.


Limited Token Supply :-

Hcash has a finite/limited supply of tokens. The supply closes to 84+ million, and will be separated into 6 channels:

  1. 21+ million (25%) will be created by PoW.
  2. 21+ million (25%) will be created by PoS.
  3. ICO and free distribution will account for 21+ million (25%).
  4. Pre-ICO investors will hold 12.61 million (15%).
  5. 4.22 million (5%) will be allocated to Hcash-DAO.
  6. 4.22 million (5%) will belong to the development team & Hcash fund.
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