The Cryptocurrency Revolution Persists

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In October 2018 a man in China was arrested for stealing electricity from a railway substation to mine cryptocurrency saving himself close to fifteen thousand dollars in power bills. In Germany, a group of people were arrested for using 49 computers since 2017 to mine cryptocurrency stealing two hundred and fifty thousand dollars of electricity in the span of two years from 2017 to the beginning of 2019. In May, a Chinese man was arrested for stealing electricity from an oil well by running a power cable from the oil well to his nearby mining farm, in order to mine Bitcoin saving himself over seven thousand dollars in electricity costs. In July of this year, a worker in South Ukraine with high-level clearances was caught mining Bitcoin at the nuclear power plant hooking mining machines to the plants' intranet, compromising security to steal the plants’ electricity to mine cryptocurrency; and the list goes on and on.

All around the world people are holding cryptocurrency in a higher regard than the traditional currency of the nations in which they live and they are creating elaborate plans and taking major risks to get their hands on it. No longer is money, oil, and precious metals the biggest players on deck because cryptocurrency has come aboard.


The revolution is here people! When people start to do things for cryptocurrency the way that they would for fiat currency or traditional money, it means we have arrived. Not just crypto enthusiasts, or bitcoin maximalists, or people that have been involved in the movement for a long time; but average everyday people that have come across cryptocurrency and recognize its worth are now involved and are fiending to get their hands on it. Yes, these are crimes that have been committed but cryptocurrency is not the only currency that people commit crimes with, and for.


We can not let people trick the world into believing that crypto is just for criminals. Crimes have been committed with, and for, all things of value including diamonds, oil, money, and gold. So, although the aforementioned incidences are criminal acts it shows that across the globe cryptocurrency has major value and people realize this and are willing to take risks for it. I don't support the criminal activity I just recognize the bigger picture behind the deeds; which is, the crypto revolution is here and no longer is cryptocurrency the underdog but an equal competitor. Something that people are willing to wholeheartedly support, hold in high value, and take risks for.


We need not, let people shame us because Cryptocurrency is being used for crime because all currency is used for crime. Anything of value has and will be used for good and bad, that is a hard truth in life. When people throw up the fact that cryptocurrency is being used for criminal activity we can kindly point out that their currency of choice is also being used for the exact same thing. Bitcoin is not a crime-stopper, so we do not have to take on the responsibility of it being a crime-stopper. We’ll let the crime-stoppers stop the crimes and we’ll continue on with our revolution! Rise Bitcoin Rise!

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When ever profits can be made, people will find a way to exploit it. In this instance, stealing electricity to power up rigs.


@lass3, Yes, profitable = valuable and people will definitely go after it, sometimes at all costs.

Committing crime is that people who are close minded about crypto

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Will this news work to improve Bitcoin?


Hi @imran101, I believe so because this news means that people are holding Bitcoin at a high value and are taking risks to get it, which proves its worth, which is a positive. It also shows the naysayers that it's neck and neck with fiat currency in terms of what people will do to get it.

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