got a major update

2년 전

In case you missed it, our most favorite site got a huge update.
They did a little redesign and added more feature and an update to their API.

The coolest new feature in my opinion is the "Watchlist". It does not even require an account, you just can add the coins you would like to watch to you own watchlist.

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thanks for sharing it, upvoted

  ·  2년 전

wow, it's cool🤗. going to visit and check it 🤗

Thats a great website bro

Now I don't need to scroll down to check Steem! That's really good update!

wow, That's really informative

wow,always giving very important information of steemit platform.this coin market update very helpfull for all steemians friend..thank you for your major update..friend.. @rockz

This piece is really informative, getting ready researched done won't be an easy thing to do. You are done the best by updating us o the latest news as far as steem is concerned.

That's awesome update...nice to hear that now we can add the coins which would like to watch to our watchlist. Thanks sir @rockz for the valuable information.

Good to see the updater news. Thank you so much for sharing

Thanks sir @rockz for the valuable information.