Life saving supplies for the upcomming market capitulation!!

3년 전


Capitulation is upon us ! These supplies are "MUST" have if you wanna get out alive from all that

Number 1: Food , community food will keep you & your community alive !!
Number 2: Meds for your back, carrying all these bags for only God knows for how long !
Number 3: Plan B, In case of an emergency OR if no one want to buy your bags ! 🔞

You don't want end up like this guy

Never invest what you can not afford to lose

Keep calm and accumulate !!

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Μαζευε τα σακούλια εσύ! Θα γυρίσει ο τροχος, θα π#δηξει κι ο φτωχός!!


🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 42 Χρονακια... σιγα.. επανω στο ανθος...

Μάζευε κι ας είναι ρώγες!

το plan B σίγουρα οι gay θα το ευχαριστηθούν μονο :ppp
Ούτε να το σκέφτεσαι!!!


gay η οχι θα τα εχουμε πληρωσει ! 🤣