John McAfee ONLY Hardware Wallets Are Safe | Your Bitcoin WILL Be Stolen Off Your Phone or Computer

3년 전

Watched an interesting talk by John McAfee the antivirus pioneer. In this talk he chats about how a hardware wallet is the only safe way to store your Bitcoin and regardless of how great or secure a particular software or mobile wallet is, at the end of the day they all expose your seed and/or private keys either on the screen or force you to type them leaving you vulnerable to hackers. Hardware wallets however things are done off your computer screen and not typed in.

He also goes on to talk about other flaws of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in general, he says it doesn't need to be as complicated as it currently is. He goes on to talk about how software could really simplify people's lives and make cryptocurrencies much more approachable for a noob.



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Cool video commentary. I like your style; the editing... ouch. But you get your point across.

What would you say about paper vs hardware; only the display issue you spoke of, or any more advantages?


Hey @surfyogi , i despise editing but trying to force myself to do more of it. typically im pretty much a smartphone shoot with no edits kinda guy.

I saw this interview too. This interview and your recent video are what encouraged me to get a Trezor. Just set it up this evening actually. I feel a lot safer now with my btc.


hey @haushinka yeah i love my trezor. just heard from someone on reddit that ledgers are already shipping not having to wait til september so i think i may pick up one of those as well as i think they store a few extra altcoins plus just spread my money out a bit.

did you do the trezor thing to claim your bitcoin cash yet?

McAfee is a fucking kook, and his anti-virus program is malware, so I wouldn't listen to that guy if I were you Rebel. Wallets are good, but could be destroyed, lost, or stolen just as easily.

Choose you exchanges wisely. Use trusted companies that would reimburse you in case of theft or hacking, like CoinBase and Kraken just to name a few.

If you use some fly by night Chinese exchange, or anything being built atop the Ethereum platform, keep your coins and tokens on there at your own risk.


hey @tolkatore mcafee is definately an interesting dude. i recently watched that shotime documentary about him. regardless of what you think of his antivurus software, btw im not a fan either, doesn't mean he doesnt have anthing worthwhile to say.

as fro trezors and ledgers and what not yeah i think nothing is perfect but its the best option plus if you have your seed which by the nature of the device has never been displayed on a computer which is a huge bonus you can always regain your coins through an exchange compatible with the seed or buy buying a new device.

what's your fav exchange?

ive been a longtime coinbase user but recently started using bittrex who i like and think highly of. i signed up for yobit just for the free coins and maybe throw a small amoutn of money in for some small coins i cant get on bittrex but in general probably not going to put a ton of money on that one.

I totaly agree before i started dealing with crypto and buying bitcoin the first thing i did was order a wallet and i can definitely say im very happy with it because of how easy and user friendly it is i highly recommend every one to purchase atleast one trezor to be safe ok thanks again brother love the content you provide to this community


i was a little intimidated when i first ordered it worrying if i coudl set it up and not lose coins but yeah piece of cake. did you claim your bcc already through that wierd process where you had to send it to an exchange? i wound up sending mine to bittrex so havn't checked whether trezor is actually compatible with bcc.

i was thinking about grabbing a ledger as well they are quite a bit cheaper hold a few more coins and i heard they are already shipping dont have to wait til sept so i may grab one just to spread my stuff out a bit