Bad News affecting bull market temporary

4년 전

Hello Steemians

Hope everyone doing well

Current price $9850

I did TA for next 24 hours and predicted that price

will kiss $11k for sure in next 24 hours

Well my last TA was for last pullback was perfect one

as price straight away went from $10220 to 10880 but

again bad news that affect bull market

and create fear in new traders.

SOME analysts still believe that price will see 4K or 6k

I don’t agree

My last buy call was $6900 on 05.02.2018

That was last lower low I believe

But my advice for everyone stay relax and hold on

because there is no doubt that price will go

to moon in next 4

weeks as I predicted.

Current price $9852

Don’t worry for next 24 hours I did analyze

And bullish bias will be in action.

I will post detailed TA shortly for king bitcoin.

Bad news in last 24 hours which affect our bull party

  1. Bank of England Governor Claims “Bitcoin Has Failed”

2.Commodities Analyst Calls Bitcoin “Nonsense” and then Loses Money on Blockchain Investment

3.Cryptocurrencies Are “Brilliant Scam,” Says Elliott’s Singer

4.According to Reuters, a short-lived system glitch at Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif let seven customers briefly purchase bitcoins free of charge.


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안녕 살라
3월20일 너의 목표에는 변함이없겠지?


안녕 내 친구
변화가 없다.
나는 앞으로 4 주 동안 커다란 상승 여세를 기대하고있다.

Thanks man. Do you think this is still the reverse H & S and this is the dip we saw down to 9k?


You welcome sir@skippyvon
Price is still in uptrend direction
Only few bad news take it down

Thank you for the update.


You welcome dear @junepk

To the moon


Yes my friend @bartjans
I expect in next four weeks
Big upside movement

As long as the biggest holders aren't selling I'm not selling! I'm assuming due to this news no new TA's will be out?


Good on you my friend @jason7282