Bitcoin Update 28.02.2018 (Current price $10,430)

4년 전

Hello Steemians

Hope everyone doing well

I expect price will cross $11,000 in next 24 hours

Next 24hours Price Channel $10220-11,140

Be relax everyone because uptrend becoming strong day by day

This time I expect price will cross 11k and will hold it for more gains towards 14k.

I expect next 4 weeks will be the mooning week for bitcoin

Last 24 hours Expected Range ($10250-11100)

Price just went over $11,000 but as I mentioned in yesteraday's TA that

it need to clear target resistance $11,100

It went to $11,072 & rejected

High : $11072 Low : $10470

My last buy call was $6900 on 05.02.2018 but the one who missed that opportunity

for them was $9550 on 25.02.2018

I will stand by my words what I said that (on 25.02.2018)

(I expect we will not see $9000 again)

Please everyone make his own decision

Short term target $14000

Long term target 20,000 by 30 March 2018 (My prediction from JAN 2018)

SOME analysts still believe that price will see 4K or 6k.(However, I do not agree with this)

What's next for King Bitcoin?

Even trendline is broken in last 24 hours

So clear uptrend intact

Vortex indicator favours bulls


On daily chart we see uptrend continuation

towards 20k

with MACD value above 0


On weekly chart we seen previous week candle close as

inverted hammer which means

candlestick pattern found after a downtrend

and is usually taken to be a trend-reversal signal.

& Stochastic RSI indicates uptrend started


There is no sign of downtrend by Pivot Reversal Strategy

Net volume increasing day by day


I expect in next 24 hours price will cross $11k

Next 24 hour Price Channel ($10,220-$11,140)


Previous Bitcoin update(27.02.2018)

Want to become a good trader?

Go through lessons (by salahuddin2004)

Lesson # 1 (Support/Resistance levels)

Lession # 2 (Breakout/Breakdown/New Support/New Resistance)

Top 70 Cryptocurrencies (Buying points/Target points) by me

FOR requesting TA, Whatsapp me

Don't Forget to Resteem.

Thank you.

Take care.

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Greatings my friends. Thanks for share with us!. Bless you!.

Nice Post :) Thank You ;)

Excellent, thanx

Looking forward to it!

Thanks man! Have you looked at Nano? Love to hear your thoughts


You welcome sir @skippyvon
NANo we bought at $9 I think 21 days ago
My first target $24


Nano (formerly Raiblocks) is a good one.

pretty detail and good. keep it up..

  ·  4년 전

question is: Will there be a major correction before the 20k like 12,500 to 7500 and then 20k??