Bitcoin immediately recovers from winklevoss ETF Rejection,and it’s a GOOD THINGS.

3년 전

As reported by NewsBTC on Thursday, the U.S. SEC rejected a revised proposal for the Bitcoin ETF, supported by Winklawus Twins. The market immediately took a diving with bitcoin and most altcoins posting 4-5% losses a day. Some people asked, "Was this fall really necessary, or was it all an irreversible?


As mentioned above, the market did not initially react to the SEC's decision regarding the Winklaws backed back exchange traded fund (ETF). Within a few hours of releasing the ninety-two-page report highlighting the reasons for the disapproval, bitcoin fell to a daily lower level of $ 8,200 to $ 7,800. Regardless of the fact, despite affecting only Bitcoin-based ETF, altcoins closely reflected bitcoin while posting similar losses.
Even then, at 3:00 o'clock at UTC, the volume of buying volumes in the cryptocurrency market rose, Bitcoin quickly returned to $ 8,200 at the pre-announcement price level.Bitcoin-price-chart-graph-760x400.jpg

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right it is a good thing for btc

nice post 👍👌
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Yes, right bro. Bitcoin is currently maintaining the $8100-8200 levels. Once it crosses $8500 with sufficient volume, $9000 may be on the cards.

nice post👍
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