Sendpi Crypto Portfolio - Aug 29th, 2017

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What is our philosophy and mission?

At Sendpi, we believe the best way to build a crypto portfolio that outperforms the market is to learn from those who have consistently done so in the past. Since 2012, we have been dedicated to crafting our portfolio strategy by tracking the best in the space and are now sharing out work with others in the form of a model portfolio.


I've been hearing great buzz about a certain coin/token and it isn't in your list - why?

We believe in sticking with a logical plan.  We analyze tokens and make recommendations without emotion or hunches.  Emotion is not your friend.


Why is a certain coin/token in your list?

We will try to include more info on this in coming weeks.  Overall, we try to identify coins/tokens that address a true need rather than being the flavor of the month.


How often will the list change?

We try not to buy anything for a day that we wouldn't hold for a year.  However, we also try to take advantage of the incredible volatility to improve overall returns.  This means that we are likely to swap a fraction of the holdings of one coin to others coins on a fairly frequent basis.


Current Portfolio (08/29/2017)

  Name Symbol Price in USD Percentage
1 Bitcoin BTC $4,613.11 27.1%
2 Ethereum ETH $373.23 19.2%
3 Iota MIOTA $0.81 11.8%
4 METAL MTL $9.51 9.8%
5 Monero XMR $132.17 6.3%
6 Golem GNT $0.33 4.4%
7 Factom FCT $29.80 3.3%
8 BLOCKTIX TIX $0.38 3.3%
9 Bancor BNT $3.21 1.6%
10 Civic CVC $0.54 1.6%
11 Ubiq UBQ $2.92 1.5%
12 STORJ STORJ $1.09 1.4%
13 STEEM STEEM $1.43 1.4%
14 Melon MLN $80.93 1.2%
15 Basic Attention Coin BAT $0.25 1.0%
16 WAVES WAVES $5.49 1.0%
17 Auger REP $25.36 1.0%
18 Ripple XRP $0.22 1.0%
19 Dash DASH $360.00 1.0%
20 BitShares BTS $0.14 1.0%


Let us know your thoughts!


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