Google banned crypto currency on apps on Play Store

3년 전


Google has recently updated its policy, followed by a number of apps on the Google Store store. These apps include crypto currency mining apps.


Google has announced in a blog post that now on the Play Store,crypto currency has been banned. However remote crypto mining apps are now allowed on the play store.

crypto miners apps will soon be removed from Play Store.


Last month Apple also banned crypto currency mining apps. Apple did not ban applications that remove device, such as Cloud-based, Mine Support.


Regarding the crypto currency, other social media platforms are not too friendly. Last week, Facebook also banned crypto currency on facebook and Instagram . Similarly, ban on crypto currency on chrome.

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Google policies are Always Strict! :(

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Thats really good @shahidirfan i know that it is better for us hi

No promuevas el FOMO, solo prohibieron las ICOS, reactivaron las prohibiciones que tenían porque estan ahora a favor y tienen planes de crear sus propios sistemas de cryptomonedas.