Block Digest #155 - Whats Up Jack?

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QuadrigaCX Followup: Fractional Reserve?

Blockstream Proof Of Reserves Tool

Coinbase Brings Bitcoin Support To Its Independent Wallet(Don’t Use It)

Allegation: Former Bitcoin Foundation Chairman & Treasurer Increase Claim to Mt. Gox Rehabilitation Proceeding to $16 Billion

Gemini Closing Accounts For Stablecoin Redemption Issues

Lightning Torch(Trustline) Update

Israeli Paper Claims Hamas Crowdfuding With Bitcoin

Bitfury Partners With South Korean Company To Build Paraguay Mines

Google Block Explorers Coming? Privacy Not Included

Zcash Bug Patched Last Year Could Have Inflated Coin Supply

Venezuela Crypto Regulatory Body

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Thanks for the informative piece.

Anyone else think it's odd the countries are actively taking gold reserves out of the Bank of England?

Some successfully (Germany, Turkey), and some unsuccessfully (Venezuela).

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