Give Away!- Funded .001 Bitcoin Satori Coin

2년 전

Excited to announce the latest GIVEAWAY!

Of course I have a passion for vintage silver bar's. Aside from that, I also invest in crypto currency. I would like to have more crypto related news in my live feed. The level of information and content here in the Steemit community is top notch.

What better way to get familar with the crypto community then to host a crypto related giveaway?

I am giving away a .001 Funded Satori Physical Bitcoin. The coin pictured here is the exact coin the winner will recieve.

Rules MUST be followed in order to be eligible to win:

  • COMMENT- your thoughts on 'the best crypto currency to buy in 2018'

Everyone who has entered into the giveaway will be written down and assigned a number. I will be using to produce a winning number out of the total amount of entries. Whose ever user name is associated with that number will be the winner.

Drawing will take place on March 21 at 9pm Eastern Time.

If you have any questions please comment and I will follow up asap!

Goodluck to everyone participating!

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Hey man, nice to have you here too :D As i told you already.. besides SMART my second choice is Tierion (TNT). They have an awesome concept, a neat usecase for blockchain (besides currency) and already a working product with real customers! They have to sort out some stuff about their token's value but i really believe in it!

Thanks for the giveaway.. looking forward to win it haha


@dustinface Appreciate all your work with in the smart community! Be great to see it's potential. I'll have to look into TNT sounds interesting. Goodluck with the giveaway. Thanks for participating!

The best coin to buy in 2018 - good grief I have no idea anymore its like silver, I like them all. Dash, ARK, SWT, XMR, BAT, STEEM.

If you like good crypto news on Steemit, came here because of @marketingmonk and also like @cryptobobby


Appreciate the referral I'm on it !

Hey man, that think is sweet! Here's hoping I'm lucky for one.
I'm thinking EOS is going to do some crazy things this year once it's really launched. I bet it's got so many add ons and features that will roll out fast.
I can't believe it's touching $5 right now. If my freaking internet wasn't now down I'd liquidate a few of my positions and move much heavier into it.


Really like the EOS call. Totally agree!

This is pretty chillin! You definitely got a resteem, more ppl need to see this or I win by default 😛 lol Thx for the gaw bud


Best coin for 2018 is any sort of Mexican Libertad. Because they're so sexy in gold or silver 😎

I think stellar might do some big things in 2018. It had a pretty big hype cycle that's now subsided, so I feel like we're getting back to a reasonable valuation. Their roadmap looks solid, they have a team that seems able to deliver, and they spent 2017 forging some good partnerships.

I'm on the fence. Either Iota or VeChain. Or both.

I think Vertcoin and smart cash will do great this year. Well that is what I am hoping anyway. Vertcoin has some awesome stuff coming up. thanks for this cool giveaway


Interesting. I am into smartcash as well. Have a few nodes running. .

I have ETH so I still think that is a good one to have in cryptos. I will definitely resteem! I'd love to see your ingot collection.


Check out my recent silver posts. Some good info and great pics of silver from my collection. Thanks @silversaver888

Awesome GAW brother!! I have done all of these steps in the said order my friend. In terms of the best crypto to invest in I am still looking at Litecoin to perk up and possible grabbing a little more ripple in 2018. Thanks for the chance!!