Cryptocurrency: Wealth in Crude State

4년 전

Goodmorning great Steemites,
This piece is just a compilation of some thoughts as i woke up this morning about cryptocurrency.
Lots of my clients and africans especially Nigerian are yet to understand and comprehend the massive benefits embedded in cryptocurrency as most are skeptical of online investments due to great loss on some platforms which most times is suffered due to ignorance.

The full manifestation of cryptocurrency is still budding because just like the advent of internet, lots of persons were reluctant to embrace it but today its highly sought and used globally.

If you are yet to invest in cryptocurrency, Start today.
What you Need to Get Started:

  1. Register a wallet.
    Coinpayments, Coinomi, Trezor for those who can afford cold wallets
  2. Choose a coin with good growth rate and available on the coin market which you can check via
  3. Invest in the coin and follow the news around cryptocurrency on social media.

Comment a coin you want to invest in and get recommendations about it.

Have a great weekend
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Nice post. Thank you for sharing. I think cryptocurrencies have a lot of potential and offer great opportunities for investment.

Cryptocurrency is going to change the world! Stellar Lumens is specifically trying to work with countries in Africa in order to spread its usage and help impoverished people.

Very ncie intalejent post
Thianks for experiences shareing
i upvoted you!

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