Steem just saved me

7개월 전

I know, I know, anyone that's been around and remembers me from the days of new steem and before is used to my heresy and shit stirring.

After a devastating year of disease and destruction of my business I was left penniless and forced to move in with the in-laws, do a go fund me, and humble myself to ask for help paying for my wife's chemo and basically life.

Enter the ATH of BTC and the necessity to finally figure out how to move my former steem from binance and into fiat. I had long ago traded my steem for btc and had just been watching and waiting for a moon shot. Well, it came at the best possible time imaginable as I'm having to start over with a new business model and keep jumping through the capitalistic hoops. There's no option to say sorry baby we just can't afford treatment.

What a world we live in. To say I've been radicalised from an already deep left position is a gross understatement, but we can fight about my accelerationist rationalism another day. Today WE celebrate a steem success story and a rags to bags of groceries tale that only could've happened here. I never even gave my own KYC or bought a dime of crypto. As an American living abroad during a dystopian nightmare I'm blessed to be in this blockchain mess.

Sure, some people became insta millionaires this last week and that's great. For me living to fight another day is enough and I'll take this W straight to the bank.

Much love, I have no idea what tomorrow will bring but I'll forever be grateful I stumbled onto this scene.

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Great to hear from you again buddy. Happy to hear you have survived the harrowing experience of a business gone bad and your wife's illness. Wishing your wife a speedy recovery and success in your new venture.


Hey devann! Great to hear from you as well. I really appreciate the kind supportive words.

I intend to be more active here and the other place. Not sure how many others are double dipping haha. Peace! 🤗