2 dinosaurs talking about the past economy

4년 전

What is the high view?

Jim Rickards & Stephen Guilfoyle are great smart guys but they don't see beyond their generation which is baby boomers. There are 2 generations in play right now, the baby boomers and the millennials.
We are at the verge of exiting the baby boomers economy and going into the millennial economy.

Why I call them dinosaurs?

In the first part Jim Rickards & Stephen Guilfoyle are right about their economy but when they switch to bitcoin, they don't know even how to use the crypto words in a sentence.

What got me upset?

Stephen Guilfoyle says: "Until you remove the criminals the drug dealers the hackers its never gonna be a serious .....way to invest in currency in my opinion. To be a real money supply you have to be able to control is out there......."
WTF you still want to control the supply? Why?
Jim Rickards says a bunch of stuff, copied from Jamie Dimon, that Bitcoin is nothing but the Blockchain its the future.....why?

Where can you hear the nonsense?

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