SouperNerds Bitcoin & Altcoin Picks for July 2016

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I expect to see a sharp decline in bitcoin usd price near the 9th of July 2016 (Bitcoin Halving), With a sharp increase in price approx 30 days after. Falling to $380-$425 range, Rising to $880-$1180 and settling around the $550 range for a period of time.

Places to Trade

Obstacles bitcoin is facing:
Blockchain block size limit
Community/Developer tension


I expect to see a sharp increase in price approx the middle of July 2016. Somewhere in the 0.0032 - 0.0044 btc per lisk range. Potential Strong Growth. Charts and buy books show that there is major accumulation going on in very large chunks every 30 seconds of every day since launch.

Places to Trade

Obstacles lisk is facing:
Finalizing branding
Finalizing team & use cases


I expect a few troubled months for ethereum with price fluctuations, possible fall in satoshi value. Possible in the 0.008 - 0.01 btc per eth range.

Places to Trade

Obstacles ethereum is facing:
Potential Hardfork
Security overhauls
The Dao Hack
Recovering from DAPP/DAO press
Community Recovery

Other Alts/Tokens

Generally I see most of the name brand altcoins and tokens rising in btc price throughout the exchanges during the second half of july. One path may be to find the brand name (Well known coins with moderate exchange volume) tokens that are historically cheap and holding them. That path would most likely include staying away from anything with consistent low volume.

Upcoming ICO's and Crowdfunds

Look for new and interesting ideas with actual substance. Nothing outlandish or over promising. Look for a good team that is well traveled. Incorporated teams is a plus. Publicly facing teams are a plus. Teams that attend bitcoin meetups, discussions, conventions are a plus. Teams that have been onstage or keynote speakers are a plus.

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This is pretty cool, I'm looking forward to next months picks!

You wasn't too far wrong with Eth, and I think LISK will have its day very soon!