What bitcoin ACTUALLY did last halving. Hint.. It wasnt as grand as some will have everyone believe.

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Just about everyone I hear that speaks about the previous bitcoin halving, whether it be from brand names or the average person, usually always describes how wonderful it was and how bitcoin just soared. Starry eyed as if they were reliving a memory.

I was actually in front of a monitor back then and I can say that if they are reliving a memory, then its a false one.

11/28/2012 (Last Halving)

Bitcoin reward drops from 50 to 25 Bitcoin per block found.

Average price on that day/week: 12 Bucks USD...

Hitting 200's

Ive heard some say last bitcoin halving, it spiked to approx 200 dollars. It actually didnt spike to the 200's until first or second week of: 04/2013

Hitting 1000's

It actually didnt hit (just under) $1200 until end of Nov beginning of Dec of 2013, the approximate 1 year anniversary of the first halving.

Just thought this would be interesting to some that are old and new alike.

Chart Overview Pic

Click here for larger pic

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Well timed posts FTW! Always #JustSteemit my bro. We all appreciate the insight!

The way I look at it is like this. I was interested when Bitcoin was around $12-13, but I didn't have much time to look into it or much funds to potentially lose. When I saw it going up I thought it was great, but by not holding BTC it didn't matter too much to me. Fast forward to when I saw it spike to $1000+ I kick myself in the ass every time I talk about it. I used to tell my friends about Bitcoin just as a conversation topic but whenever I see them now we all say that we should've taken the plunge. The price hasn't gone down since the first halving and I don't think it will go under the price after this halving either. With that said, it's possible, but not probable that people will be able to make a crazy profit off the day of the halving.

BUT if you have some spare funds that you don't mind losing, I wouldn't hesitate to buy BTC with it. From $12 to $1200 is 100x. In a years worth of time this an insane return on investment. Even before that time you could have taken profit almost at any point. With this said, this time around I will take the risk. I've learned that I'd rather take a risk and deal with it not working out rather than not acting upon it and regretting that I could've changed my financial situation tremendously.

Thanks for the info. Bitcoin is heading in the right direction in my book.