Bitten by the Mining Bug


I think it got me again

There is nothing more addicting than waking up in the morning and seeing that you found a block. I used to run CGminer because it consolidated my video cards and ASICs in one (relatively) easy to read terminal window.


You may have seen my miner start up videos where each window was CGminer running a different machine, each with several video cards producing x-hashes per second.

Well, I found a coin the other day that has a low difficulty factor and I downloaded the wallet. (below)

After I started mining with my CPU, I thought I would try CGminer and see if it could find my video card, no luck. It is producing zero hashes per second (above).

I did find out that what used to take a week of script writing and the installation of many dependencies, is now just one command.

sudo apt-get install cgminer


Even the configuration was performed by a series of questions.

Core-wallet mining

This seems simple and it is. You send work to the network and if you hit the math problem that closes a block, you get 50 coins.


I sent the command generate 1000

It returned [ ]

Then I sent the command again... (rinse, repeat)

One cannot sit in front of the screen typing a command once every minute. That is not practical. So, I wrote a script that would mimic my keyboard and type the command for me. Then sleep for 51000 thousandths of a minute, and I asked it to loop.

I also added a 99999999 at the end of the line so that it would make more attempts to generate a block.

The chances that one of these attempts at "putting the last piece in the puzzle" will result in money is unlikely. A new block is created once every two to five minutes and I am trying about three times per block.

The difference is that I am attempting this with a metaphoric puzzle that only has 500 pieces

If this were bitcoin, the puzzle has trillions of pieces.

Just the same, this costs me nothing to do. It does not slow my computer down and I only need to look ever now and then to see if it is still mining.

The coin is not relevant. Mining any coin results in the same end. Whatever the coin, I can change it out for a more well known or well liked one later.

Bit by the bug

If this bug bite gets itchy enough, I may end up pulling out my ASIC miners and running a completely different operating system on a dedicated machine just so that I can shoot for a part of the prize six times per hour.

I need only find a coin that is based on the original bitcoin code because ASIC miner only do one kind of hashing.

It's like playing the lottery with way more variables.

People seem to like this kind of secret message hidden in really small text. Kidnapping someone and revoking their citizenship for not paying t.axes on these silly coins that they laughed at for years is just -well- silly.

Steem is still the safest kind of mining. My SP total goes up every week while I vote and post.

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hello @sponge-bob
You were missed, but I see the reason you were looking for this post to teach us more about crypto-mining.
Your knowledge is adimrable, thank you for sharing it, although I will always ask it is a subject for my strong well not difficult but not easy either, for who is not prepared to understand this.
Thank you.


Once you understand a couple of basic topics, mining is easy.

Yes I was playing with mining. The coin I was investigating is related to a blockchain of permanent posts. shows posts that are unable to be deleted. Each are paid for using the crypto. Useful? That will depend on how censored the internet becomes.

I have also been playing with the idea of livestreaming - but all you get on those platforms is "likes"

  • likes don't pay the bills.

It seems that the protocol that uses brain effort, PoB (Proof-of-Brain) to undermine Steemit turns out to be the most "economic" of all.

I like that at the end of this publication I emphasize that steemit is still more profitable than mining.
I read that mining want house in a CPU ceased to be profitable long ago already
Even though they offer mining of some tokens even from smartphones.
I still believe, and I have confirmed, that steemit is still more advantageous, no doubt.

Everything about mining is a new language for many, including me, I think you need to know some programming to get the most out of it.


More than half of those ideas for mining (or trading for that matter) are not secure and your coins are never in your possession. Start with something that requires you to save your private/public keys. Then mine into your own wallet. Secure.

Be your own bank = Start by learning to secure your storage.


Thanks for that good advice.
Yes, I think that one of the relevant and important things about the blockchain, crypto currencies and the whole financial movement that it has brought with it is the power to be our own bank.

Bueno con esa explicación de los mineros, las nuevas monedas y el cobro de impuestos cuando se les ocurra a los gobiernos por estas monedas, vamos aprendiendo, mientras tanto continuamos apoyando y votando también, aprendemos poco a poco, observando como con paciencia y buenas estrategias se sube en una segura red social como steemit, por lo menos hasta ahora. @sponge-bob

Well with that explanation of the miners, the new currencies and the collection of taxes when governments think about these currencies, we are learning, meanwhile we continue to support and vote also, we learn little by little, observing as with patience and good strategies you get on a secure social network like steemit, at least so far. @sponge-bob

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Hi @sponge-bob

Here in Venezuela mining is worth it. Electric power is very, very cheap, so if I could have the equipment I would have been mining for quite some time. but sometimes just to eat I get what I earn. These tips that you give are very helpful,
Now, since I can't mine with machines, I do my best to do a good job here,

Regards. from Venezuela a country that fights for its economic freedom.

I hope they do NOT win the socialists again in Argentina.

Greetings again @sponge-bob, here again following your story in mining.

Wow I thought the Asics hadn't been used.

Ingenious way to do as if you were in front of the keyboard, currently I have seen similar programs but they click and solve captchas (I've seen that they use it in some pages where they pay you to make captchas) I have never used but I know they are.

That coin you mention I've never heard of it, but the difficulty of what you say is very easy compared to the bitcoin.

Again thank you very much for reading my comment and as always I do not say goodbye without wishing you a good day, late or night.✌️

@sponge-bob, ahora entramos en temas mas técnicos, se ve todo muy desafiante, pero no me gustaría estar en tus zapatos al momento de que ocurren esos errores. Saludos!

Hi @sponge-bob, from what I see you really like mining and that world, I also notice that you get along with those things, it's good to learn something new every day and you explain it very well.