Miner Three Tips the Scales - Pow!


This one was built and capped

Using a riser, a sideways HD7970, and an inverted case-fan, I got the top on this machine with four GPU's in it!


This series covers some mining endeavors allegedly performed by one-sponge-bob back in 2012 and onward.

Once I got the top on this box, I pointed a portable A/C unit at it to keep it cool.


Meanwhile, outside my apartment door, the wiring and main breaker exploded. Here is a shot once the breaker was pulled and the feed wires taped. No power for days!


Mining was a daily struggle. If it was not a miner overheating and needing a restart, it was blown circuit breakers. Then the occasional fried feed wires.

At the time these photos were taken, the bitcoin difficulty was 10,100,000 and the block reward was 50-BTC per block (one block found every 10 minutes worldwide)

Today the bitcoin mining difficulty is 9,985,348,008,059 and each block pays 12.5-BTC to a single miner. See this site for stats on one of the many mining pools.

A recent block found by BitMinter (pool)


Almost 10 trillion hashing difficulty

Many have asked about mining. My three rigs from 2013 running 24/7 today, would earn about four dollars per month.

Everything written herein is hypothetical and for entertainment purposes only. Please do not contact me in order to extract a percentage of non-dollar earnings alleged here.

Any mining attempt with less than a million dollar investment would never even return the investment. Mine Steem with your photos and personality instead!

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Hi @sponge-bob

Tremendous beast you have on the computer, it is very good but it consumes a lot of current and is very large, not all boxes support it. Be careful with electricity I see that you are in a small room and can cause unfortunate damage.

With electricity you don't play, you had to look for someone you trust to do the installation, thank God nothing else happened. I imagine that you solved the event and now you have the profit of the miner.
I know many who make their living from mining here in Venezuela. Greetings.

Awesome Rig. Well el least you bet on it, and i will do the same. 🤩

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What have you done with all the miners? Yesterday I read a story that many Chinese miners estimate shutting down their equipment if the BTC drops below 7500usd, what do you think about it?


I was looking at my mining history and saw that I was making 0.1 btc every 20 days (or 0.15 per month) when I shut down. The price of bitcoin back then was about 80 dollars each. So, I was making about $10 per month running the miners and I was paying $200 for electricity.

Little did I know that bitcoin would go past $8,000
Either way, I could not pay that much for electric month after month while waiting for the price to make it profitable.

Greetings @sponge-bob, I'm still stuck to your story with mining.

Amazing the equipment that you show in the photo, I imagine the heat that only produced, that taking into account the proximity of the gpus and if we include that the active cooling is turbine (which if I remember not badly was not as efficient as the current ones in terms of air flow is concerned).

And wow I already imagine that the board of the light blown uff, no, and more yes, I know what it is to be several days without light, here in Venezuela went as for 5 days and then where I live time then fell a tree and left us another 5 days, a madness to live like this, I understand you perfectly.

As for what you say about the increase in the difficulty of mining bitcoins, amazing how exponential it grew, ¿words to what do you owe all that? talking like crazy (a saying they use in my country) I think it may be because of the increase in the value of the currency and the number of people who devote themselves to it.

Taking what you say in the last paragraph, it is better business to mine steem haha since you do not need a super equipment to mine it as we said before.

Thank you for reading my comment, I will not leave without wishing you a good day, evening or night.✌️


Glad to see you like my series. I just wrote the next one. Good evening to you!

That should generate a lot of heat, we know what it is to be several days without electric current, we have already lived it. You have grown a lot and what you still need to learn, I don't know anything about mining one day I will learn for now I will only write my stories for the children @sponge-bob

Hello @sponge-bob here in Venezuela it's 10pm.
First you are a genius to build those teams.
Second, you must be very careful with that electricity overload, something badly made a connection, you are in an apartment, but you can exploit the whole building.

Take care.