Can BitShares Rebuild Houston? - Simple Cave Man Version

4년 전

Hurricane recovery costs billions and takes years - long after the news media has moved on to the next crisis, there will remain people in desperate need trying to rebuild their lives. Donations that get the early crisis under control are important, but donations that build endowments that keep on giving for many years are even more important. Digital endowments based on the growth of the Bitcoin industry offer a unique way to build resources big enough to fix everything. Join us at the and learn how your donation can be amplified many times over by leveraging the explosive growth of the digital currency industry.

Here's a simpler version of my previous post, if you don't care about HOW it works...

What if we could harness the spectacular growth of Bitcoin, and other digital currencies, to rebuild Houston and the region devastated by Hurricane Harvey?

I think we can!

  • A million dollars donated in Bitcoins five years ago at $4 are worth a billion dollars at today's $4000+ prices.
  • A million dollars donated in Ethereum two years ago are worth nearly a billion dollars today.

What if we could find another coin like these,
and raise a million dollars for Harvey victims?
Why, we could pay to rebuild everything in Texas in just a few years!
And caring people are already donating much more than a single million.
We are talking billions in hurricane relief funding!

Well, BitShares has developed a way to create digital currency endowments that can leverage industry growth to multiply a single donation into a steady stream of those donations that can last for years. One dollar can become hundreds of dollars paid out to Houston over several years. One thousand dollars can become hundreds of thousands. One million dollars can become... well, you get the idea.

The Billion Hero Campaign is going to start raising such an endowment immediately and present the plan to the Texas authorities when we are in Austin next weekend. We'll sponsor BHAP Rebuild Houston with our own Billion Hero Prize and encourage others to raise up an even bigger prize dedicated to the victims of Harvey.

This way, we can keep funding the reconstruction of Texas long after it has faded from the news.

If this works the way we think it will, we'll be ready for other world-wide disasters in the future.

You can donate any digital currency on the BitShares DEX to the bhap-rebuild-houston account on BitShares and watch how it spins off many times that amount in steady donations over the next two years. Or visit our website at in a few days and just use a credit card.

I see Skenan has already made the historic first donation!

Institutional and Celebrity sponsors should contact
Eddy Taylor at 1+ (310) 940 2404 in the EDT time zone.


Stan Larimer, President
The Godfather of BitShares and the HERO

About the Author -- Stan Larimer

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  ·  4년 전

There should be a GUI upgrade on BitShares before anything like this can work.
Or make a simple website front end JUST for this.

Captain obvious signing out!

Great idea! Let's help rebuild Houston together! Also sent a VIRGROW token to help with these efforts.
virtual-growth sent 1 VIRGROW to bhap-rebuild-houston
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Can BitShares Rebuild Houston? - Simple Cave Man Version…
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Good one Stan :)

Actually your idea is great! But, why it's only for "Houston"?
Why we can't use BitShares donations process to world wide natural disasters and to the people who wish to eat atleast once a day?
This is not something aggressive, like you all build BitShares platform, shall we all build a platform which can be used to help all man kind, specially people who need our help!
I was thinking about this few times but eventually failed! But if people like you... could initiate something like a global project I think it might help every person on this earth and as you said before, BitShares the next BitCoin will make millions or billions of dollar is next 2-3 years of time as well!

Respect the way you think! And I think we all must participate such events!


  ·  4년 전

That's exactly what the is! For global causes. Now we are replicating that model for specific local causes... perhaps the first of many.

amigo #resteemia at your service

'let's rebuild Houston by using BTS'. nice idea @stan

'UpVote ReSteem Comment'

  ·  4년 전

some suggestions:

  • Make a general donation fund

Advertise donations in:

  • HERO (+5%, growing donations)
  • OBITS (monthly Dividends = monthly donations)

This very noble cause deserves attention, and you have my support.

Wish we could've done something like this for Haiti in 2016 when it was hit by Hurricane Matthew and faced $2 bil USD storm damages.

This. All hands on deck for Texas.

very interesting notes, and this is the best information. keep your friends.

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This is all well and good but it should be concomitant with DEBT forgiveness!

My God, the last thing these people need is to be sent to prison for not being able to pay their debts caused by loss​. And yes, debt prison is a very real thing there as far as I understand!

lets hope on it

Hey @stan, I really appreciate your ambitious work and your optimism! Helping Houston is a really noble cause.
I have a few quick questions that I would be really glad if you answered:

  1. this line : "BitShares could easily grow from 15 cents to 150 dollars in two years - if enough people adopt it as their exchange." got me confused - wasn't the goal of Billion HERO challenge to get BTS to $330 in year and a half?
  2. Why would people still use BTS after EOS came out?
  3. What is our answer to Lightning networks? The way I see it, regular people just want to buy their coffee/pizzas/cars etc with their money and don't really care about market pegged assets and exchanges. And when LN comes, our Fast Bitcoin would be the slow one...
  4. Why, in your opinion, none of the huge announcements you made until now have had any effect on the price of BTS?

I would like to know your opinion on these very much, thanks in advance!

  ·  4년 전
  1. Separate campaigns. The Billion Hero Campaign goes .33 to 330. Harvey's Heros goes from current price to 1000x as an example. Actual performance depends on all sorts of factors, like China and US regulators rattling the cage.
  2. BTS will build on EOS and bring with it all that has been built.
  3. We are gathering users now, not whenever LNs finally come online, if ever. Besides, they are centralized off chain - not a real honest solution.
  4. The announcement we've made have only been to the local community, for their benefit. We will be ready for the general public when the new web site is complete, later This Summer.

Hi Stan, I have a feeling that at the moment it is way to complicated to understand how the system works for the outsider, there is no easy way to fully comprehend what Bitsharses entails
What would be nice is if there are explanatory video's for every individual target audience, a simple explanatory video of how the bitshares exchange works.

Make a video of how a pensioner can put their hard earned money by locking up Bitshares in escrow and by doing so creating a Hero into existance, with a fair explanation of the risks involved. Showing a fair explanation of the risks involved and that a very simple interface will be made so a 65+ year old easily knows what to do.

A video of how business can use bitshares in it's advantage

Although I liked the Ted talk, less is more!

The website billionherocampaign is too much, to many links to click on, too many vague terms.
Keep it simple, and divide the website so that every target audience knows what is meant for who.

I think the focus needs to be to show that bitshares can replace a huge part of the financial system, but in order to do that, clarity needs to be given.

Right now people give up because of information overload.

I know it is still very much in the development stage, but I would advise to give clarity priority.


I also have trouble wrapping my head around the Hero Campaign. Someone should describe it in real simple terms.

The first thought I had when i saw the flood damage was that if people used the Insurance money and donation funds to buy Bitcoin and crypto currency they could end up making millions of dollars and thjeyll see the Flood as a BLESSING in disguise! All these peopel ve an opportunity to go online, and make good money like a FLood Recovery Blog, where they document the rebuilding of their life and how they can make their lives BETTER than what it was before! Seriously if you could buy just ONE bitcoin out of this disaster you will end up making more money than u ever could have pre flood !

I think you're onto something here..I also liked the idea someone posted about a worldwide disaster fund for all disasters.I had thought about this recently as I watched commercials for donating money to Texas - I wondered about the possibility of setting up some kind of crypto-relief fund. I'm glad to see this is happening. Great articles by the way... I'm following.