$100 trillion coming into Cryptocurrencies..!! Bix Weir.

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Credit: Bix Weir

Recently I made a statement that the current Market Capital of the cryptocurrency market was pocket change at approx. $150 billion.

In the statement I also said that the cryptocurrency market is heading to a market capital in excess of +$50 trillion.

I guess I wasn't surprised to see this short video by Bix Weir. "$100 trillion coming into Cryptocurrencies."

I have to admit, I agree.

This can be seen in a recent interview I did.

For the ones who missed the interview I did with World Alternative Media here is the video.

Credit: World Alternative Media

Pocket Change at approx. $150 billion

I once again reiterate what I also say in the interview and that the current Market Capital of the cryptocurrency market is pocket change at approx. $150 billion.

Thanks for watching/reading.


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Shared on twitter. Stephen

I agree bitcoin and altcoins cannot be controlled.

150 bilion omg! 😱

its definitely possible

the wave is coming!

I have a feeling everyone here would be just fine with that market cap!

ETH is going to go nuts, mark my words.

Sure....10 years later. Or 4 years and another financial crisis. Let's break 1 trillion first