Beware the Ides of March (ETC vs ETH)

4년 전


The chart looks good. The news are good. The market conditions are good. Ethereum is embroiled in disputes regarding recovery of previously hacked funds, EIP865, immutability, purity of chain, code is law. Efforts were made to address these issues silently but after Yoichi Hirai's resign, the issues have surfaced with more intensity. It is likely that some of those chauvinists of code is law and an immutable blockchain will move to Ethereum Classic. It is gaining momentum and is also lucrative for miners. Ethereum Classic has Callisto airdrop in the first few days of March. Also, on March 1, there are two more important events: 1. Adoption of Monetary Policy 2. ETC Investment Fund. All these developments point to an increasing interest in Ethereum Classic and I wouldn't be surprised if ETC reaches a price of 0.5 ETH in a few months' time. At the time of this post, 0.5 ETH is worth $432.

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