Pakistan Central Bank Bans Banks from Cryptocurrency, ICO Transactions

3년 전

Other countries were banning it so Pakistan thought why not us too?

Come on state bank, Come on. You could have come with some good excuses.Just because they provide high degree of anonymity so you will ban them?

I mean really? What is the reason to ban? Just because you can't control it?

It means you are not moving fast and making regulations.

I know it is not going to make any effect on the price of bitcoin or any other coin but it will kill the motivation and innovation among the young generation.

Just imagine what could not be done using blockchian and ICOs?

New ventures could be built upon, business could be created but they are discouraging it.

I am really upset on it.

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Dont be upset. Stupid governments think they can push back decentralization process. It's inevitable. Like media; which once was limited to government approval and now with twitter, facebook, blogs, telegram whatsapp etc it's impossible to control it.

Crypto will stay. I'm not saying fiat money will disappear, but governors should get used to tolerate cryptos as well 😉