OMG look what these Bitcoin lovers are doing with Fiat Currencies !!!

4년 전

Hello Steemit Friends,

Actually I was going through some posts from crypto groups in Facebook and this is what I found :-

Also I found this funny meme while browsing :-

People are really crazy,lol what they are doing?

Have you tried doing something crazy like this?

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LOL @ the photo with the goat. I almost spilled my mint tea all over my monitor and keyboard.


Haha it was funny for sure

We need to do more ... " Bitcoin is better " :)))


Yes I agree Bitcoin is better,but still they are wasting their money doing such crazy things


Hahahaha love this..

Ej its an unstoppable movement to a lot of people at this moment!


yes looks like

Bitcoins still will take down all big $£€¥

good to know theres a movement its time for a change :)

Carefull it's illegal to do that to money in some countrys(if not all).


True friend,but crazy people can't help

LOL...That goat on a bike :)


haha yes crazy people

Calling @originalworks :)
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