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bring on 10k !!!

oh my goodness. I just wish I have just one bitcoin.chai

Resteem it 3 of your last post and upvoted to +650 steemians @dumitriu.
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Thank you!


  ·  5년 전

It's OVER 9000!

Really a good news... for all cryptocurrency lovers.

wow Thank you for sharing :)

Man, you're talking directly to my "Inner Nerd", and I was waiting to see this meme from anyone on the platform, because I knew it was coming! Keep doing what you do, man!


Upvote & resteem

bitcoin price increase day by day, thank you for share this post.

Will be 10K soon.

It's on upward movement for quite some time now. Hope it keeps in the same direction.

Wow !!! Bitcoin is raining money !!!


Haha! We were just talking about that in the car today!

Its a good post
keep posting....
i always upvote your of luck

oh danm .. i wish wouldn't sold my BTC so earlier its heart broken @sydesjokes

So the value not going under that figure? Thumbs up @sydesjokes good post.

however,even i dont hold bitcoin,i still glad,because i hold some others coins,and it still give me profit. do you guys think that bitcoin will reach $10000 next week?

upvoted :)

is it true...


Its very wonderfull

Bu konudaki ongorum $10.000 asacagi yonunde idi. Aralik sonunda bu baremi cok rahat asacaktir. @bahadirk bitcoin borsasini yakindan takip ediyor ve anlik kazanclar sagliyor. BCC $2000 2018 in basinda asacak.

BITCOIN's Power Level IS OVER 9000!

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this share very useful for us

YEAH and it is just a beginning

Yippie ah Hey.... :)

usefull post thank you

Tweeting this

No limit for this coin will just keep going out of control :)

Wish I had purchased em in the begining.

Thanks for update.

Good news for all

Your all post is attractive so im 7 post resteem yours.thanks sir

Upvoted & Resteemed.

Great news! Upvoted & Resteemed.

Yup, Bitcoin has break All the records and Reached to the MOOOOON....and still going up and up...I love BTC...:)


I made enough bitcoin so use my Shift debit card for all my Christmas shopping this year! The Shift card is available from Cheers!

How long will it be 10,000?