Andreas Antonopoulos - Bitcoin Q&A: Where can I buy and spend bitcoin?

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How do bitcoin ATMs work? How easy is it to spend bitcoin? Some will allow you to transfer both ones, but ATMs in most countries are often one-way "vending machines." Circulating bitcoin helps grow the economy. I get paid in bitcoin and I pay others in bitcoin. There are many things you can buy with bitcoin, including flights, hotels, and products on Amazon. Bitcoin is first and foremost the currency of the internet.

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Thank you for sharing this. @sydesjokes we are helping take Steem to the next level... People can buy items now with Steem and SBD and UPVOTES!

@sydesjokes Video is so helpful but I wish it'd be available in all around the world

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Enjoyed the video post immensely.

Salutations. I am JaiChai.

Pleasure to make your acquaintance

RE: Your Post

Over 78% of the world's population is ignorant of Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency in itself cannot be discussed until a basic understanding of money is present first.

The innovation and global impact of the blockchain and explaining it to non-techies can be very frustrating - to say the least.

Here's an article I wrote (published on that I advise people to read if they are curious about Bitcoin.

Afterwards, an engaging dialogue can manifest.

RE: Smart Contracts

I beleive that smart contracts are the solution for cutting out traditional, exploitive third party control.

However, one must be diligent and make sure "the God key" (a backdoor path to alter information after a contract is created) is not present.

RE: Andreas

Love the guy! Been a fan for many years.

(Talking about the people of some of the remote places he's visited) -

And then, with much surprise, the local said, "Do you mean you actually pee into a clean bowl of water?"


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In the Philippines we can use Bitcoin exactly like online banking. We can transfer funds to local bank accounts, top up mobile, pay bills, and shop online, etc. thru

WirexApp and had VISA cards that can be loaded with Bitcoin auto convert to USD/GBP/EUR but it was discontinued.


I used Uquid Pre-Paid Visa but they had problem with their provider and stopped.

Recently a man's bitcoins were looted while he used the wifi of a hotel in Australia.

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Sounds better

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wonderful, good information keep it up

Andreas is one of the good speakers felt the pain of buying on Bitcoin black friday in the past since we are on that day and now those prices ... vs back then lol.

Interesting to know it.

It would be interesting if there were an ATM at every corner and one can choose which currency....

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Thank you for sharing this information

Interesting post

I have not bought anything yet. I'm only at the beginning and I still do not have enough satoshi to spend ;-)

thanks for the information

Bitcoin ATM will really help with easy access to the currency. As it has been implemented as a currency in the market now, people will most likely see the need to use Bitcoin ATM for their purchases with bitcoin.


Bitcoin ATM's need to be more widespread. I live in a town of over 25k people with 2 large colleges and no Bitcoin ATM. I want to place 1 ATM in a large shopping centre here.


There’s the need for them now.

thanks for this video @sydesjokes received your gift :)

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This is one of my favorites!

Good job bro!

Interesting post ,i like it :)

awesome to know it ..good news

very interesting post sir. i like it

Unfortunately in my town there is no bitcoin ATMs.

Hi @sydesjokes, majority of SA people are not even aware or less aware of bitcoin not to talk of bitcoin ATM.


Nice information

This looks like a nice place to spend bitcoin.


I also wrote an article on how to earn bitcoin too.

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Videos of Andreas are always worthwhile to watch. A great Bitcoin advocate.

Yes, these points are very valid questions and these common questions is on mind on every person. Gud Post!! Keep it up!!

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