ICO FXPay Review!

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Hi everyone ! Today I would like to introduce to you a great ICO project that I just found, that is the project ICO FXPay!


What is FXPay?

The world is exploding with the industrial revolution 4.0, blockchain technology is slowly changing people's lives. This presents many challenges and new opportunities for investors. Among them, the foreign exchange market (Forex) is attracting many new investors to participate. When the individual trader wishes to exchange one currency for another, a fee is incurred which currently ranges between 5-7 % of the total transaction amount, having to save cost of transaction fees more than 80-90% from each potential investment opportunity is largely unattractive to investors and reduces the viability of many investments. Barriers to enter the Forex market act as a deterrent to the novice investor. If you are a new investor and are experiencing this problem do not worry becase I will tell you a great solution to this problem. That is FXPay!

FXPay is an exciting and highly prospective business opportunity that brings innovative technology to the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market. Their goal is to address the current inefficiencies within the market and to provide cost-saving solutions to brokers, traders, and liquidity providers. By utilizing blockchain technology, FXPay can intelligently reduce the risk for brokers and traders by providing more opportunities and increase the speed of transactions in the Forex market. FXPay believes they can intelligently mitigate risk and increase the speed of transactions in the Forex market through the utilization of its FXP token, an ERC20 token based on Ethereum blockchain technology.

FXPay Technology!

By introducing blockchain technology to the Forex market, FXPay is able to address inefficiencies in the market that, until now, have not had a solution. By offering a digital currency to brokers and traders, FXPay provides a medium through which to effortlessly convert fiat currency into FXP tokens. Once it is securely logged on the blockchain, it can be converted into any of their Forex pairs. Traders can then use Forex credit to participate in the market. Once trading has ceased, traders can trade Forex credit back into FXP or any other digital currency. Alternatively, traders can choose to keep Forex credit, which can either be used to continue trading at a later stage, or withdrawn into fiat currency through the Forex trading platform, at minimal cost.


This offers traders and brokers an attractive alternative to the traditional Forex structure, by providing an innovative platform with highly reduced fees and faster transaction times. The result is increased profit margins and investment potential for traders, and cost savings for brokers when transacting with liquidity providers.

FXPay's goals!


FXPay Inc. aims to create a large, international, eco-friendly community on a digital platform that is made to meet the demands of Forex premium brokers and traders. The primary focus will be premium brokers who require a new transaction method which is made cheaper and faster through the use of blockchain technology. FXPay Inc. aims to expand on this becoming their own premium broker. This will allow clients to freely invest in the Forex market with their token. This will provide a platform with both established users and significant daily volumes, which will steadily increase the price over time.

Road map


Token distribution token FXP allocation

The supply of FXP Tokens is capped of 500 million, and is allocated as follows :


Team FXpay Inc.


These are wonderful people, I believe they will develop a successful project!

Private Sale


Looking at what the FXPay project is doing, I think you should be involved in this project! Invest your money wisely. It's your decision!
You can find out more about the project at:
Website: https://fxpay.io/
White Paper: https://fxpay.io/pdf/FXPAY_V.1.4.pdf

Bitcointalk Username: symwofl125
Bitcointalk Profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2092094

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