my favourite coins to invest in 2018

3년 전

Its a new idea which focus towards the decentraliling computing power.
An open sourced and global super computer that anybody can wish to use it. Everyone can make some cash by renting their computer power making and selling softwares.
Its market cap is $650 million and available at bittrex.

It will give access to create multiple crypto currency wallet and can invest in verified crypto assets. It is partnered with great delloitte to allow the development of a legal framework for extra adoption of blockchain technologies and its current market cap is $ 1.4billion and available at bittrex.

A development platform of power and flexible blockchain with proof of publication services and can be useful for making ownership rights its available at bittrex and current market cap is 1.3$ bilion.
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Do yourself a favour and checkout #Gridcoin. Its like Golem except its actually working for several years, has its own block-chain rather than being a Eth-token and allows for full participation through special mechanisms like on block-chain voting.
Its not that I dont like Golem per-se, but it seems way over-valued.

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