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I recently downloaded the Crypto Pro: Bitcoin Ticker app in order to get alerts when the price has reached a certain price. Most of my crypto research I've realized hasn't been as efficient as it could have been. I've wasted time checking coin market cap more than a few times each day when I could probably be spending my time doing other things.

My phone has been blowing up recently with trade alerts from this Bitcoin ticker app where I recently added Fox trading token and Nano as 2 of my favorite coins with price alerts set. I know that it can be a waste of time to constantly be checking on the biggest gainers and losers of the day at work rather than to add your favorite coin to your watchlist and get push notifications on your favorite coin. I set an alert to go off when Nano coin crossed the $2.50 threshold and I got an alert when FOXT crossed the $0.06 threshold. These alerts saved me a lot of time. You can also repeat the alerts, set new alerts, or create a one-time alert for your coins/tokens.

It saves you time and gives you an edge on the competition to set price alerts or trade alerts because you might see where your coin is headed a few hours earlier. Also, I think it is better to have a few coins selected as your favorite and then be alerted when it moves than to constantly be tracking the biggest gainers and losers from each week. Personally I think at these current prices Nano and FOXT are at great buy-in prices and will probably only rise to higher levels when the market recovers.

I started getting alert notifications on Fox Trading token when the price crossed $0.06 and the price is now over $0.08/coin. I probably would have benefitted from putting Fox Trading token on my trade alert list for Cindicator as well, a sophisticated app for Iphone/Android that uses data from several exchanges at once to send you buy signals on coins that are likely to rise in value.

Crypto Pro:

I believe this Crypto Pro app is only for Iphone, so I thought I'd include a link to a Google Play crypto alert app that I would probably download if I had an Android at this moment:

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For long term hodlers like me - these price swings are simply meaningless

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excellent naprvlenie your post and its theme continue in the same spirit!
yours will be seen
humble @alexsandr I would like to welcome you!
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This app is great for long-term hodlers. You can set reminders for just a few coins or several.


Even for hodlers it's useful to get on the bandwagon at the right time. Sometimes you just want to monitor a new crypto for a while to make sure you're not buying during a pump.

Thanks for sharing, already tried it out and it works perfectly fine 👏👍
it is really a time saver!

Nice review, thanks for the article and keep up the good work!

Great little app I have it setup for long term trades, basically just take profit to reinvest when it says and it’s holding true so far

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Thank you for sharing such a valiable information..

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Would love to try this ticker.

Yea we all waste lots of our time looking into CMC at least 5-6 times a day . When I am only majorly interested 4-5 coins. I think this app would help me save lots of time.


I agree, this Crypto Pro app has worked well for me so far and saves me time. You can also get alerts on your Apple Watch with this app while you're out of the house.


Yeah for that I need to collect lots of money and then may be an apple watch.😂😂

It's a amazing app....
Saves effectively...

excellent naprvlenie your post and its theme continue in the same spirit!
yours will be seen
humble @alexsandr I would like to welcome you!

A must read, thanks for the article. I'm planning on downloading it and checking it out.

A really helpful app. Instead of using websites just to know the market value of our coin/token we can check the value with this app

Really helpful app. We could check the value of coins with this app. Although we have coinmarketcap to check the additional informations about the creator of the coin/token but if you are really interested in just checking the market value I'd recommend this app.

Thank you very much for showing us this app. It certainly can help save time with the alerts.

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let it fall faster to the real level


let it fall faster to the real level

great great

Ticker is really confusing for newbies.

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What a great educational post. Thanks for sharing!

Its very important 👍

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Like wise we have trading view also bro which is used by universal traders , however that you for this info

Very nice bro.. plz promote us also bro.
Love u best of luck for ur future

Thanks for crypto information

interesting wanna give it a try one day.

I want to be like you

For a lot of bitcoin holders looking for a longer term profit, it is indeed a waste to continuously watch prices move sideways.

Though for those looking to pick up some profits on swing trades, it's still helpful to set alerts are key price positions. Most TAs would be setting the alerts at the levels where price breakouts potentially form. Even for the longer term holders/hodlers can benefit from an alert which is set at higher or lower levels.

With that said, I still check the price way too often


Yep to often, it's driving many people crazy. Changes happen in minutes or hours, after that it can take weeks or months to move again.

thanks for the insight bro, interesting app could make my life easier

gonna try this...

Great app man thanks for sharing !!

Alibaba’s Jack Ma says bitcoin is 'likely' a bubble while embracing its underlying blockchain tech
i saw at u all think?

Nice review. Thanks for sharing.

oh ive been wanting something like this. but none have support for all of the coins just the major ones.

How do you think @the4thmusketeer what will happen next?

Please visit and comment on the link below...

going to try it out

Will it run properly in simple android versions phones?


There is another similar app I linked at the bottom of the article for Android users.


Thnk u very much about it sir.

Thank You @the4thmusketeer for sharing this kind of helpful app information. I will definitely try this one.

Do you use any app or website which provides great info on TA & FA ?


Thanks. I don't have any TA apps I'm using because I don't believe it tells the whole story, but I will probably look into it.


Thank you. I asked as it seems like you have very good knowledge of all this things. Like blckchain based games and apps..

Great work 👍

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Nice review, thanks for the article and continue the nice work!

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