WARNING: Scammers Now Using Bitcoin/BCC Split to Scam People With Fake Wallet Links

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I was not planning on posting today as I need to go out but I think this is important enough for a quick post.

I have previously discussed how scammers were trying to use social engineering to scam peoples' credentials for MyEtherWallet by issuing fake warnings along with spoofed links on Slack.

It appears there is a now a new development where they are trying to capitalise on the BCC/BTC split on August the 1st:

Screenshot 2017-07-29 13.51.25.png

Do not fall for it. Bittrex or any other legitimate exchange/service will not send you these kind of messages asking you to click on links - particularly in Slack.

If you want to get both BTC and BCC then you can keep your coins on an exchange that will honor both chains or to be ultra safe you can keep them in your own private wallet that you own the keys to.

These scammers are hoping to play on people's fear and uncertainty. Don't let them succeed. Please share and spread the message to alert others to it.


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hi its. me kindly help I dont know how to work plz help me


Work what? Just don't click on any links in Slack or in emails and you should be OK.

Thanks for your info


You're welcome!