Bitcoin and XRP War

3년 전

Has anyone out there ever thought that Bitcoin is the Trojan Horse of Blockchain and will usher in a utopian cashless society to bring in a system of bondage and gaffer tape that traps Goyim like a badger in a trap.

XRP aka the bankers coin, aka IMF Coin aka Ripple who have more connections than Paris Hilton, will have us all locked down and under the thumb like a beaten housewife in the next few years. Many will sell all theyre XRP and many have, brandishing it a stable coin. I agree the establishment have kept the price down to shake the normal goyim out and when it does run and push higher, the rise will be quicker than Usain Bolt running to the shop for a packet of rubbers after a hot date with a dime piece.

I have a prediction, XRP will become a 500 plus coin inside 5 years and that cash will be gone inside 20 years. XRP is being held down like a supermodel at an A listers pool party. While goof balls pump Tron and BTT and garbage coins with less utility than a car with rectangle wheels and a hanicap driver with his eyes glued together with gorilla glue mixed with wall paper paste Ill follow the slave masters and pump my ruples into coins that are alligned with the established slave masters.

I just watched a Youtuber, drifting into a conversation on how Tron was a 10 dollar coin by 2020 and how XRP was worthless. Everyone is intitled to an opinion and all that but these mooners dont understand the difference between hype and utility, bridge assetts are utility, Tron and BTT are for dodgy ideas that you can overthrow banking systems and Mainstream and Governments. Never ever, and I mean ever going to happen. Get ready to get your wallets rekt in a massive Dump on the 1st.

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