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DAMN!!! Would you look at those prices? Looks like the good old days 7 months ago. lol.


That's when I originally posted the article, but then it got rage downvoted for $300 by rancho and Haejin so I just reposted it as someone was asking about it.


What in the hell were they downvoting people that long ago for? I thought that was more recent.


I was the first one to speak up about it, and I got pounded for it. Yet not once did I flag him. He hit me for a few thousand in flags for mentioning it.


Holy shit. Well here is a few pennies to help out. lol
Thanks for putting up the good fight.

Wow very good sir
This blog will help us to keep and keep crypto currency safe.

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That's great information . Does all these work realtime ?

Thank you for sharing...

If you are not sure the price you bought it at, just put in the date and it will gate the price for the day automatically.

For that one feature it is worth my time! Thanks for this :-)


Its very good tool for crypto coins anylist, Its very useful information for crypto currency lover, thanks for sharing it

This looks very good. How much does Coinlib cost?

Thank you for Great post ! lots of knowledge coins i get your article :)

  ·  3년 전

Awesome tool! I have been using Crypto Market Cap, but it never hurts to have another tool in your toolbox. I have noticed that CMC doesn't have all of the coins that I would like to be following anyway. Your suggestion might give me just what I need.

@thenarkymark I am using coinlib from many days they are helpful tool seriously :😃

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how many coin we can check at a time i mean how many coin tracking this tool is able to manage?

The same thing like coinmarketcap isn't it?


No, you can track your own favorite coins, setup a portfolio, and have alerts when it moves.

@themarkymark i am so sorry for my fault.I will never do that again.I am from a poor family i told in past.I have nothing to do to continue my education without work in continue my study i need must need your help.pls forgive me

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great analysis and good post as well thanks for info