📈 BITCOIN - The Trend Continues. Price Analysis - 28/1/2018 📈

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BITCOIN - The Trend Continues.

 From my previous analysis (which you should check out on my page), we have kept the symmetrical pattern intact and so far  Bitcoin 3.81%  has remained  bullish   (As my last TA indicated it would. "TA - Technical Analysis"). Now,  this is similar to my last chart, however, the pattern has slightly  changed. We now should look at the red  rectangle   as a point for optimal buy entries as that is where the support lies  for the price (which also tells us we may see a short-term dip on  Bitcoin 3.81%   in the upcoming days to return to this line which would be around the  high $10,000's). Currently, the market is fluctuating between the  resistance and support but also should be seen as a period of  consolidation which is usually a  bullish trend , once this consolidation begins to fade it is likely that the price will see an increase in value.  

Link to analysis
  • MACD -  A nice support has formed on the  RSI , we could expect for the price to touch down on this before continuing the trend higher. 
  • RSI -  similar to the  RSI  heavy supports have come into play and are acting a barrier to hold the  Bitcoin 3.81%  price up, this is a good signal.
  • Orange - Resistance.   
  • Pink - Support.  

As always trade the lines accordingly.   

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9000-10000 seemed a crucial support, which Bitcoin tested a few times over this month, but did not break it. TA and rising global demand are enough to be bullish on bitcoin.


thank you for your engagement ;) I am bullish as well my man!



Thank for the comment u left on my post 😃


Anytime time man! :D

Will bitcoin fall below 10 k dollars?


Read the post :D It has very large support right now so it is not that likely.


I read your post.

Yup, good analysis, i think the bears had enough time to break 10k$ and confirm and it didn't work, time for the bulls to try to take us on a ride. With LN keeps growing and reaching usable status on the mainnet , while fees and mempool sizes are constantly dropping i remain bullish on bitcoins outcome.


Bears Are getting battered currently, yes that is true. Really LN will shoot the price up, thanks you for your descriptive comment man!